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What we know about the Damon Hypersport™ electric motorcycle

Well, firstly, it won the CES 2020 “Best in Innovation” award. Rightfully so, and well deserved, the award honors outstanding design and engineering. The Hypersport electric superbike was also officially unveiled at CES on January 7, 2020 and what a beauty. It went on to also win the Digital Trends Top Tech 2020 CES Award in the Automotive Product category. Digital Trends deemed the Hypersport “the best automotive product at CES” for its innovative safety and comfort features including the CoPilot™ advanced warning system and Shift™, Damon’s patented rider ergonomics offering.

It’s all about the 200s baby

The Damon Hypersport is outfitted with cutting-edge technology designed to make motorcycling safer and smarter than ever before. It is the world’s safest, smartest and most fully connected electric motorcycle. The superbike boasts well over 200hp and 200nm of torque delivered at zero rpm, a top speed of 200 mph, and a range of more than 200 highway miles per charge. It is also outfitted with Damon’s cutting-edge CoPilot advanced warning system powered by BlackBerry QNX technology that sets a new standard in motorcycle safety, awareness and connectivity.

For full specs listing, take a few minutes and visit their page https://damonxlabs.com/

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