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Ë.PIC Sahara Cross by Citroën

A 100 years on and Citroën is doing it again, but EV style. We are talking about the first Saharan cruise by automobile, and this time it will be Ë.PIC. Planned from 19 December 2022 to 7 January 2023 it will feature the same destination, same audacity, same ambition. The objective is not a speed race, but rather a human adventure on board 3 types of vehicle highlighting the past, the present and the future. At the start line: 

  • Two replica half-tracks from the 1st crossing: Golden Scarab and Silver Crescent,
  • Electric vehicles from production for assistance, from the 2022 Citroën range,
  • And a 100% electric future concept car.

 The aim is to stick to the historic route, therefore a total of 3,170 km in 21 days (with the necessary adjustments against the geopolitical background of some of the areas crossed): 200 km from Touggourt to Ouargala, 770 km from Ouargala to In-Salah via Inifel, 800 km from In-Salah to Silet via Tamanrasset, 500 km from Silet to Tin Zaouaten, 100 km from Tin Zaouaten to Tin Toudaten, 100 km from Tin Toudaten to Kidal, 350 km from Kidal to Bourem, 100 km from Bourem to Bamba, and 250 km from Bamba to Timbuktu.

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