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Frankenstein said it best, it’s alive! The 2020 Electric Hypercar Development Programme Begins for Battista


Woooshhh.. That’s the sound that a 1900HP Battista will probably make. At 2,300Nm torque across the various driving modes, we cannot wait to see this monster EV on the road. And being in the Middle East, we hope that is as soon as it gets it production units out of the plants and onto GCC roads.

Automobili Pininfarina has made a fast start into 2020, the 90th anniversary year of Pininfarina SpA, commencing the testing and development phase for the Battista. THE WORLD’S FIRST FULLY ELECTRIC LUXURY HYPERCAR.

Rene Wollmann commented: “The mule vehicles running the chassis and powertrain concepts for Battista have already achieved 80 per cent of their performance capability without issue. This means that our EV performance is already equal to the most powerful combustion engine-powered hypercar currently in the world.”

The Automobili Pininfarina Design Team, led by Chief Design Officer Luca Borgogno, has also created a unique livery for Battista prototypes..

Luca Borgogno said: “We have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the aesthetics of Battista since it was first revealed. So we have chosen to create a playful and interesting prototype livery design that is clearly inspired by the electrifying performance that lies beneath its beautiful exterior.

“Yet our ambition is always to further delight our future clients. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the famous Pininfarina design house, the team at Automobili Pininfarina is now preparing the ultimate expression of Battista hypercar design, ready for its world premiere at next month’s Geneva International Motor Show.” 

I wonder, will they allow us faithful EV news promoters to drive it anytime soon? Hell, I’ll take a sneak peak at it, even online, via video chat. Who am I kidding, if they WhatsApp me a few images I’ll be a happy boy.

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