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Arab company Electra to Launch their First Electric Vehicle

Front look of the Electra Quds E.E.

We love it when a company coming from Middle Eastern roots shocks the world with major announcements. Over the weekend, Electra just did that by wowing us with photos of their first electric car, thestriking Electra Quds E.E electric car, the car is looking to make its public debut sometime between April and June this year. They also teased, on their website a photo of their ‘coming soon’ Quds E.S.

Their mission? To “outperform, out price and out class the current EV market by building an ecofriendly supercar fit for the mid-range consumer. The ultimate symbol of strength and renewal, Electra is built with the finest EV technology available.”

Founder Jihad Mohammad said that they want to design a supercar that a medium budget customer can afford. “While watching the market for electric vehicles we noticed that either the EV cars were very expensive or not appealing in look to the customer base.”

Can it take on the Battista, we’ll have to wait and see!

What we know – Electra Quds E.E’s Skateboard Platform

Think of the build your own Radio Controlled Tamiya model kit. The Quds carbon fiber body panels will be bolted on a superlight aluminum skateboard chassis, reinforced with high-grade steel. This will allow for it keep the overall weight low, and gives it what it needs to meet crash test ratings.

The chassis will include all the bells and whistles that you’ll see on high performance vehicles, like the push-rod suspension, as well as the brakes, the cooling system, the dual permanent magnet motors and the battery pack smack in the middle.

Using regenerative energy from the braking system, the lithium floor mounted battery pack should give a range of up to 800km per full-charge. Obviously, the range depends on how heavy your foot is and the driving mode chosen. The company states that the driver can choose to drive this marvel in either all-wheel drive or just rear-wheel drive modes.

What we see – small details

Expect to see 20-inch lightweight forged aluminum rims painted in jet black and gold plated details. The car is supposed to fit up two in the front and squeeze two in the back. The driver will have a beautiful dashboard to keep them in control, with a 16” touchscreen taking over the center console.

Electra Quds E.E Specifications

  • Battery Lithium Lifepo4
  • Weight 3,307 lbs
  • Acceleration 0=50km/h 1.5 seconds; 0-100 km/h 2.8 seconds
  • Range 500km – 800km
  • Seating 4 adults
  • Wheels 20″ lightweight forged aluminum
  • Display Driver Display + 16″ Touchscreen
  • Onboard Charger Max 11.5 kW max (48 amp)

We cannot wait for this beast to grace our roads, and here’s hoping they make a big splash in the region to show it off first.

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