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Exclusive: For $70,000 you can own the Electra Quds E.E.

Yellow Electra Quds E.E.

That’s right folks, the Electra Quds E.E. is becoming more and more appealing, desirable, and frankly more attainable. For the unbelievable price of $70,000 (AED 255,000) you can own a hyper looking all-electric machine, as revealed to us by Electra. That’s cheaper than most used petrol guzzling super cars available in the market! in fact, that is priced well within the new German sedan car segment. When we were thinking of how much it would initially cost, we were thinking at least double, even triple, its going price.

As the company makes its worldwide expansion, those in the region can rest assured as they are currently training service men and will provide a mobile service in markets where centers are not open yet.

So, just to make sure you know company chief Jihad Mohammad really meant it when he said “that either the EV cars were very expensive or not appealing in look to the customer base.”

To put the Electra Quds E.E. pricing in to perspective (approximate pricing):

  • Tesla Model S (UAE) AED 360,000 – AED 430,000
  • Tesla Model X (UAE) AED 385,000 – AED 465,000
  • Porsche Taycan (US) $150,000 – $240,000 (UAE pricing not available yet)
  • Aspark Owl $3.2m (why oh bloody why would you drop that much?)

Know more about the Electra Quds E.E. specs and info here.

1,000 units will only be slotted for 2020, and you can make your order on www.electra.com . With that many units, available for worldwide delivery, that makes it quite limited at its price tag.

We can guaranty more exclusives coming soon. We will soon share with you the quality in the Quds E.E. as well as it world first technologies. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on our website.

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Pininfarina Unveils Battista Anniversario - Electric Vehicles Middle East March 5, 2020 at 1:58 pm

[…] be created – making it one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles. You can always buy 41 Electra Quds E.Es ($70,000 per car) for the same […]

John q public March 24, 2021 at 4:58 am

Jihad Mohammed is a con artist. He ran a scam in montreal called Talafone. There is no way that they have even produced 1 vehicle. And if they did he made it in China. Didnt pay the guy he “bought” it from and then used it to con pre buyers and screw people for millions stay away very far away

Carlos Abu Jubarah June 28, 2021 at 1:12 am

sorry, but your information are absolute non-sense and not based on any facts. The car was in the RD (research and development site in Lebanon after designing the cars with different companies outside Lebanon. Car parts of all manufacturers around the globe are built today in different countries including China, same as your Apple iPhone, right???? personally, I do not work for Electra neither have any financial interest, but I witnessed a great meeting in Europe for a great coming-out for Electra’s cars in the next future. Why should I trust a John q? If you are trustworthy, reveal your real name and image and provide real proof, otherwise close your mouth!


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