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Unplugged: Virgin Hyperloop One

Hyper loop Tube

The day that we will be able to travel between major Middle Eastern cities in an hour cannot come soon enough. Virgin Hyperloop One looks to transport over 40 million people at approximate speeds of 1000 km/h across the GCC. So, basically you can travel from Abu Dhabi to Jeddah in less than an hour with zero direct emissions from operations. How, the tube will be covered with solar panels. According to the company, the transportation system of the future would be up to ten times more energy efficient, and the system would be up to ten times more energy-efficient and could be completely unplugged from the grid in the Middle East.

What a brilliant step towards making our world and future a greener and safer place. I for one hate travelling by plane due to turbulence. So, it’s a definitely greener than flying by plane or driving the distance, and quicker. What’s not to love about it?

The rail road network never really caught on the region, except for Dubai Metro. I remember always hearing of the great rail road that would connect the North and South Emirates together, but that just seems redundant now Virgin Hyperloop One is bashing on.

Business meetings in a snap

I assume business with regional operations are anxiously waiting for this project to come to consumer life. We sometimes travel to and from Abu Dhabi, driving for over an hour for meeting. It’s long, dangerous and yet we do it. Now imagine having an important meeting in another country, you could pretty much catch the next ‘loop’ and be on your way. This will minimize time (for packing, booking and scheduling), and hotel expenses (hopefully they won’t be charging an arm and a leg) for frequent business travelers.

Future for food delivery?

Craving Al Beik Chicken, that’s only available in Jeddah? No worries, gather the gang and head on over, and pop on back.

Who knows, Deliveroo and Zomato may catch on and use it for some inter-city food delivery service!

If you have been living under a rock, then watch the below video to know what VHO is.

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