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Vespa Elettrica – Stylish, pretty, and electric

Vespa Elettrica

The Electric Lady

There words not mine! According to the Vespa, electric mobility will never be the same. And rightfully so, kind of. You see, the Vespa Elettrica is electric, and a Vespa. When you see it on the roads, you’ll know it is a Vespa – without the buzz of the engine. This Elettrica engine can give you almost 100km uninterrupted riding range. It recovers energy during deceleration, maximizing the juice from the lithium-ion battery.

Under your bum

In addition to the aforementioned battery, it reaches maximum capacity in approximately 4 hours charging time, which is not bad for a little bike to get you in and around tights spots in the city. The battery is coupled to a 4kW ‘engine’ allowing you to reach a top speed of 70 km/h.


The Vespa Elettrica comes in 6 shades of color, the popular and recognizable Electric Blue, and five others we wont even begin to pronounce, but here they are. Verde Boreale, Giallo Lampo, Nero Profondo, Cromo, and Grigio Fumo.

Personalization also includes the edge of the shield, the horn cover decoration, the wheel rim edges, the outline of the logo and the seat stitching with a range of colors.

You can even take it to the next level and buy accessories that fit the look. They offer a Jet Helmet with integrated Bluetooth communications system, and the finish of the helmet can match your Vespa. Another helmet option is one with a visor, not comms technology though – and too can be colored the same to match your bike.

Finally, they have a fancy backpack that can fit your tech essentials, and it comes with an integrated homologated back protector and luminous LED piping around the edges.


Giving you all the info is a 4.3” TFT digital dashboard. This nifty dash connects between your bike and phone, and you can run it via Bluetooth and a dedicated App. Without removing your hands off the handle bar, you can answer calls, view message notifications, activate voice commands and manage your tunes. You’ll never lose your Vespa since the app logs the last parked position.

Will it be a competitor to the One Moto that is already available to order in Dubai? You be the judget.

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