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Hyundai Unveils Prophecy Concept EV

Hyundai Prophecy EV Concept

We were waiting for this one, the beautiful Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV. This time around, Hyundai is expressing its latest design philosophy and sportiness in clean lines and minimalistic structures.

The Prophecy is inspired by an aerodynamic design full of aesthetic harmony with the extended wheelbase and shorter overhang.

Credit goes to SangYup Lee, head of Hyundai Global Design Center. He said, “We have brought to life yet another icon that establishes a new standard for the EV segment as well as pushing Hyundai’s design vision to even broader horizons.”

The Sporty Hyundai Prophecy Exterior

Hyundai Prophecy Exterior

Hyundai likes to keep using the term ‘sensuous’ to describe this vehicle, actually it is their design philosophy. We can certainly see it in this remarkable vehicle. From front to end is a simple One Curve streamline, with minimalist restraint. The dynamic and elegant boat-tail line at the rear panels appear to propel the form forward even while standing still.

One thing we are seeing a lot lately is how EVs are looking and functionally becoming more aerodynamic. Even the propeller shaped rims pushed the air to flow down the side of the body. The integrated rear spoiler harnesses downforce that sticks the vehicle to the ground at high speeds.

The transparent acrylic material provides a clear view of the functional components inside. They feature in the spoiler, headlamp and in the camera monitoring system.

The pixel lamp lights are integrated into the headlamp, tail lamp and spoiler, and will feature in upcoming models.

Prophecy’s identity as an EV extends to the underbody. Hyundai have installed a wide air intake below the bumper that channels air to cool the batteries more effectively, which delivers an even more eco-friendly EV to customers.

Inside the Prophecy

Hyundai Prophecy Interior

The interior of the Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV looks straight out of a future movie or even a game. The car takes advantage of the stretched cabin EV platform allowing for space and comfort.

It keeps autonomous driving in mind, as you don’t get a steering wheel in this baby, you get joysticks. If your coordination is up for it, you can navigate this spaceship with two joysticks for left and right maneuvering, another joystick in the center console and yet another in the door trim. I wonder how if this will extend Dubai’s driver’s licences exams by 10 lessons.

The design enabled by the use of joysticks offer more visual freedom to passengers. In Relax mode, passengers have virtually zero visual obstacles. In a comfortably reclined position, all that the passengers see is the horizontal pillar-to-pillar display and the wing-shaped dashboard. While in this mode, the dashboard swivels, allowing for a spacious seating where passengers can enjoy content shown on the display.

External intakes placed at the bottom of the side doors allow air to circulate through Clean Air Technology, providing a steady stream of purified air inside the vehicle. Clean air is then circulated back out of the car.

The interior’s colours and materials compel passengers to take time to decompress, aided by low intensity ambient lighting, while gently soothing modulated colours encourage rest and relaxation.

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