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Mighty Morphin’ Time… Renault unveils Morphoz EV Concept Car

Renault Morphoz

Renault takes a leap of faith with a car that can morph and adapt to what ever your needs may be with the Renault Morphoz Concept. Now no body knows what they want in a car that can do that, but we’ll have to wait to see it.

It’s a big step forward not only in the electric mobility sector, but the auto one in general, a car that can shape shift, what’s not to love. Looks like we’ll keep a close eye on the Renault Morphoz Concept EV.

This futuristic vehicle represents Renault’s vision of personal, shareable electric mobility in the years beyond 2025. It’s called the MORPHOZ. And it draws on the Alliance’s new modular CMF-EV electric platform to offer several configurations not only of power, capacity and range, but also of user options and boot space too.

The Renault MORPHOZ concept uses a brand new 100% electric modular platform that we call CMF-EV. CMF-EV has been developed by the Alliance. It allows Renault to design, build, adjust and fine-tune electric vehicles more easily than with a platform designed for internal combustion engines (ICE) or for mixed ICE/electric applications.

Renault MORPHOZ is a 100% electric adaptable crossover concept car which charges by induction even as it is being driven. It is connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. The high adaptability of the MORPHOZ concept-car is demonstrated by the physical transformation that occurs between its two versions: the short “City” one and the long “Travel” one. The vehicle is in fact capable of adapting itself to the way its users live, be it for daily use or, for example, holiday travel. To achieve this, the City version is fitted with just the right battery capacity to meet day-today requirements, while the Travel version can accommodate the extra capacity needed for long distances on motorways, for example.

City mode

Renault Morphoz

The short City version of the Renault MORPHOZ is 4.40 meters long. At 2.73 meters, its wheelbase is a record for such a vehicle length, so that it can easily house the 40 kWh of batteries that are fitted as standard, while still being light and without unnecessary extra cost. In this configuration, the MORPHOZ boasts a specific light signature, to give a look that is enhanced by the presence of additional LED segments. Its style is more striking, with its short bonnet, sculptured bumpers and lack of overhang that pushes the wheels out to the corners, in order to symbolize the agility of an electric-powered city vehicle.

Travel mode

Renault Morphoz

The long Travel version of the Renault MORPHOZ is 4.80 meters long. Its wheelbase is proportionately longer at 2.93 meters to allow it to accommodate the additional battery capacity and provide a spacious interior. It can thus carry extra batteries 8 that provide 50 kWh of power (total capacity of 90 kWh) and offer more leg room for the passengers, along with enough space for two more suitcases. In addition, this version – which benefits from a specific light identity – has a specific tapered front-end and profile to optimize its aerodynamic performance optimizing it for long distances.

An adaptive passenger compartment for driver and passengers

At the driver’s approach, the Renault MORPHOZ runs a light sequence to show that the driver has been detected and recognized by the vehicle’s sensors. A wave is all that is needed to unlock the vehicle and open its doors. Their reverse-hinged opening combined with the absence of a B-pillar makes it easier for passengers to get into the welcoming passenger compartment, which is illuminated by the yellow of the seat fabric and center console. Like the bodywork, the passenger compartment can convert to adapt to the requirements of both driver and passengers.

Retractable LIVINGSCREEN panel

The car has a futuristic steering wheel, at the center of which lies a 10.2-inch screen that displays the main driving and safety information. Behind this steering wheel, there is a surround dashboard that seems to be devoid of a true instrument panel and multimedia screen. At the request of the driver – who can thus decide to make the screens disappear – this dashboard opens to allow the LIVINGSCREEN instrument panel to fold out smoothly. This single, wide screen displays both the driving and the multimedia system information. The LIVINGSCREEN panel can be deployed in manual driving mode or autonomous mode.

Swiveling passenger seat

Renault Morphoz

The passenger compartment on the MORPHOZ has a “Share” mode that allows the passengers – but not the driver, who always faces the road – to sit face-to-face to converse or participate in a shared activity. To achieve this, the totally symmetric front passenger seat swivels round completely to face the rear. The passengers can then make use of the cross-compartment center console and its vast screen to act as though they were at home in the living room.

Sliding rear seats

When the MORPHOZ switches from City to Travel mode, the rear passenger seats automatically move backwards to take advantage of the extra space inside. The passengers then have more leg room. It’s also easier for them to behave as if they were sitting in armchairs around a table, where the screen on the cross-compartment center console serves as a table.


The Renault MORPHOZ concept has an induction charging mode. Charging is carried out at a specific location (at home or in a public car park) or whilst driving on sections of road equipped with this technology.

More to come about this car as we wrap our heads around it! Check out our other stories here

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