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Have you met BYTON? Raising the bar in luxury electric vehicles with the M-Byte and K-Byte


Last week, we briefly introduced you to BYTON on our Instagram with several photos. We first heard about this from our friends at Arab GT who got up close and personal with the M-Byte. We were immediately drawn to the massive central display. At 48 inches, The BYTON M-Byte and K-Byte will feature the massive screen that contends with most living room smart TVs.

BYTON is a premium, smart electric vehicle manufacturer focusing on the future of mobility. Its crafted cars integrate advanced digital technologies to offer customers a smart, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly driving and mobility experience. BYTON will manufacture three new models based on its BYTON Smart EV Platform: SUV, a sedan and an MPV. The M-Byte will certainly give the likes of Cadillac a run for their money.

The flagship BYTON M-Byte premium mid-size electric SUV


Leading the company’s charge is this gorgeous ESUV which is expected to be delivered to China mid this year.  With pre-orders already available, our friends in Europe and North America can expect their deliveries by 2021.

Making its debut in Frankfurt at IAA last year, this luxurious ESUV immediately grabbed the attention of the auto world.

Smart device on wheels

BYTON Interior

This remarkable vehicle is designed as the next-generation smart device reshaping the future of mobility. It features an innovative 48-inch Display, which is as big as 7 Tablets put next to each other. For the driver, a 7-inch Driver Tablet will be at the center of the steering wheel, serving as one of the main interfaces to personalize the vehicle and interact with the display. The co-driver is included in the mix with an 8-inch tablet added between the driver and the front passenger seat. This enables the front passenger to control the BYTON Display and enjoy interactive content.

In full screen mode, the users can interact with the massive Display via both tablets. The coating is specifically designed to avoid excessive glare and adjust screen brightness to avoid distraction. With this, reflection on the windshield and surrounding windows will be significantly reduced. It uses soft silicone coating that prevents the risk of shattering in the event of a serious road accident. The Display shows all relevant driving information, where usually the instrument cluster is located. It also offers a camera-based surround view leveraging augmented reality, further enhancing safety while driving. Navigation and other services are displayed in the center and entertainment content on the right.

The Display is placed without impeding the driver’s view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The driver can fully see the road, as the top end of the Display is flows with the hood line. A slightly curved design, high contrasts and distance between the contents ensure clarity.

Lovely and premium exterior design


The BYTON M-Byte is a premium SUV reflecting the design strategy of New Semantics. It stages technology and intelligence with many details such as sensors and cameras, and lamps (e.g. Intelligent Matrix LED Headlights, super slim taillights). The dynamic face that visualizes power in a new way – not horsepower nor velocity but data power and connectivity speed. Falling feature line on the vehicle flanks and a long wheelbase create a strong exterior stance. The long wheelbase also has the practical benefit of contributing to better interior roominess.

A low roofline helps to achieve better aerodynamics. The sleek silhouette underlines the aerodynamically optimized body. The Floating C-Pillar offers not only a distinctive visual element but also a practical aerodynamic by channeling air flow around the vehicle. The flush door handles and the fully enclosed vehicle front improve sleek design and add to aero-efficiency. One of BYTON’s key design elements is the Blade between the upper headlights with the BYTON letters, which we will see across all their vehicle line-up. The taillights are equipped with slim edge LED technology, with the rear reflecting the distinctive front and includes another BYTON Smart Surface.

The BYTON Smart Surfaces at the front and the rear transforms the vehicle’s body into an exterior user interface. When autonomous driving becomes reality, these additional lighting elements will communicate toward the outside world. For now, the BYTON Smart Surfaces greet the user and display the charging status in charging scenarios.

It comes in eight colors, solid black, and 7 metallic color variants. They are White, Dark Grey, Silver, Blue, Green, Grey and Red, and our personal favorite being the blue.

Interior Design

BYTON Interior center tablet

The BYTON M-Byte combines digitalization, innovation and craftsmanship to provide enjoyable time on the move. The Interior Design is characterized by its superior space and is achieved by elements like the panoramic effect of the Instrument Panel or the door panel continuity over the B-pillar – just like a new living space.

BYTON seamlessly integrates technology with luxury and gives users various ways to interact with vehicle via touch or voice controls.

Further to the aforementioned 48-inch display is a very clean design of the instrument panel to guide the focus on the Display and digital content. Wrap-around design elements that integrate functions in a stylish yet discrete way and provide a feeling of protection and care for passengers. It gives you the feeling of never leaving the comfort of your home through the flat floor and floating dashboard to foster relaxation and communication. The BYTON Orbiters are swivel-seats which allow the front seats to rotate inwards, allowing for conversation and providing rear seat passengers with a better view towards the Display. Though it is a five-seater, there is an optional dedicated fourseat configuration with rear captain’s chairs for extended second seat-row comfort and convenience. The BYTON M-Byte is uniquely combined of natural materials, smart and simple designs and innovative technologies.

The low down on technical specifications

BYTON framework

The BY TON M-Byte is developed as the most approachable premium EV for everyday usage. Ready for autonomous and shared mobility and built with worldclass safety and quality. The BYTON M-Byte will have several Advanced Driver Assistance Systems features from start of production. BYTON will not only update the car through advanced software but also prepare the vehicle architecture to handle hardware upgrades of sensors and cameras needed for advanced levels of assisted driving.

The M-Byte drivetrain will offer rear-wheel and all-wheel drive modes with 0-100kmh in 7.5s and 5.5s respectively. Peak electric output is 272HP (RWD) and 408HP (AWD) with 325Nm on the front and 410Nm on the rear axels. It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery with max capacity of 95kWh. The battery goes from 0 to 80% in a mere 35 minutes and will offer great ranges. The NEDC range expected is 430km while driving in RWD with the regular battery (72kWh). With the extended battery capacity, the ranges are expected to reach 550km in RWD and 505km in AWD mode.

The full list of specifications can be found here


The BYTON M-Byte is positioned in the premium segment with a highly competitive starting price of €45,000 excluding VAT. This price will vary from market to market based on governmental subsidies. But at around $50,000 we would definitely consider it if it made it over here to the Middle East.

The Sporty K-Byte Sedan


Not much information is available on the K-Byte sedan yet since it was unveiled in Shanghai in 2018. It is a is a three-box sedan that almost 5m in length. The innovative C-pillar design (Gliding Buttress) took its inspiration from the buttresses seen in architecture, presenting a graceful curve whilst delivering excellent aerodynamic performance.

The BYTON K-Byte Concept has an impressive front face, in line with the unique design style of the rest of the BYTON family. The car also features the upgraded BYTON Smart Surfaces, with the layout of light strips creating a three-dimensional, deep visual while giving an enhanced sense of technology being utilized. The daytime driving lights are arranged like six diamonds in a row, forming the clear, sharp and highly recognizable BYTON Front Blade.

Furthermore, the windows and sunroof section in the cockpit of BYTON K-Byte Concept has been significantly increased with an emphasis on safety to create a “generous greenhouse” that enables drivers and passengers to fully enjoy the sunshine.

The BYTON K-Byte Concept integrates the new elements of autonomous driving such as lidar. This demonstrates the digital power of BYTON in a vivid and harmonious fashion while striking a fine balance between aesthetics and real-world practicality. Encapsulated in an elegant and slender module on the rooftop, the bow-shaped BYTON LiBow lidar system integrates front and rear lidars to allow for a full-view panoramic scan of the vehicle’s surroundings. The retractable BYTON LiGuards side lidar system is located below the side-view cameras. BYTON LiGuards deploy in autonomous driving mode to ensure driving safety and retract automatically during parking maneuvers. Moreover, these lidars can all be illuminated in accordance to various usage scenarios in order to signal pedestrians.

More to come on the BYTON M-Byte and K-Byte as the company releases the specs around the sedan and MPV.

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