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Topless DORA Barchetta graces our presence


DORA is the latest to make an entrance as a full electric four-wheel drive Barchetta sports car. 12 batteries supply the two electric motors that produce 400Kw, and the car is wrapped in a space frame aluminum chassis and carbon fiber bodywork. From the photo you can see it looks wild, not following the current trends in looks. It is designed for one thing – pure outdoor fun.

The little boat looks sporty

Scissors Doors Front

This two-seater shows off its own unique character with the protection/pillars, large headlights that define a long bonnet, and a roll bar that blends in to become a spoiler. With its smooth shapes allowing for aerodynamics no wonder why the DORA Barchetta is called a ‘little boat’.

The longitudinal pillar has a structural function and ends in the rear part as a support to the bonnet opening connected to the spoiler. The spoiler adjusts automatically according to aerodynamic needs. The wraparound windshield passes under the pillars and protects the passenger compartment from return air flows.

The overhangs are short and tapered, highlighting the wheel arches that are tangential to the tires. The horizontal “lightning bolt” sign is in the rear lights, also keeping with the style of the front lights.

The rear air outtakes allow total outflow from both the wheel arches and the rest of the chassis.

The air intake in front of the wheel, which protrudes from the side, develops in the upper part becoming a spoiler/wing.

Purposely built for the driver


The car is designed purely for the driver, as the passenger as doesn’t even have optical contact. Access inside is through the fully automated scissor doors. The driving position is adjusted by moving the steering column and pedal set whose controls are on the central tunnel.

The cloche-type steering wheel has a touchscreen monitor (as seen on the BYTON) giving the driver the opportunity to intervene on all the functions of the car from navigation to infotainment to vehicle controls.

The instrumentation above the steering column gives the information and the visualization of the two side cameras. It is a completely “switchless” interior. The innovative carbon and leather seats are fixed but the height and backrest can be adjusted. A continuous beam of light underlines the design of the dashboard giving a unique internal lighting. Great use of fine materials such as leather and technology such as carbon fiber are used to lighten and give overall sportiness to the car.

More on the car’s specifications to come soon when released. For now, enjoy the photos!

2 e-Motors, the 12 batteries, the inverters and the “fixed seats”

Transparent photo

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