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Rivian R1T Truck, looks way better than most trucks out there

Rivian R1T Front Shot

We’re thinking that some of you in the region may not have heard of Rivian or their R1T all-electric truck. So here’s some info about this outdoor adventure machine which will give Tesla’s Cybertruck a run for the segment.

The Rivian R1T truck is a 5-passenger pickup which was first shown in Los Angeles towards the end of 2018. With up to 640+ km in electric range, a wading depth of 1 meter, lockable storage bins that can fit the bulkiest of gear, and the performance and precise control of quad-motor AWD, Rivian vehicles have been developed to help customers get out and explore the world.

Skateboard Platform

The foundation of the R1T is Rivian’s skateboard platform. It efficiently packages the battery pack, drive units, suspension, braking and thermal system all below the height of the wheel.

Beyond the packaging benefits, this architecture delivers a low center of gravity that supports the vehicle’s agility and stability. The suspension features dynamic roll control and adaptive dampers along with ride-height adjustable air-suspension. This allows the suspension to be adjusted for highway comfort, on-road performance or off-road capability.

Rivian’s R1T Truck also features a quad-motor system delivering 147kW with precise torque control to each wheel. With 3,500 Nm of grounded torque per wheel the R1T can reach 100kph in 3 seconds and over 160kph in less than 7. This powertrain and chassis also enable the R1T’s tow rating of approximately 5,000kgs.

Tough yet luxurious exterior

The Rivian R1T Truck certainly looks tough, while modern and sophisticated at the same time. Just by looking at it you can see it is built for adventure, and oozes performance and technology. This classy ride will fit right in here in the Middle East, with customers wanting a luxury or premium vehicle that can do some damage on the roads and desert!

A Rivian will be quickly recognized, with its iconic, signature “stadium” headlights and a daytime running light that extends the entire width of the vehicle.

Sophisticated yet rugged Interior

Rivian R1T interior

As with the exterior, the R1T shows off some premium elegance inside, yet you know it wont wither away as it is built for rugged daily use. The wood inside is sustainably sourced, with the most striking use being at the main center display and driver cluster. Where you’re likely to wear and tear the car with your movement, materials used are like that on sportswear or active gear.

Does what a truck is supposed to do

Rivian R1T dune bashing

The R1T leverages the vehicle architecture to deliver more lockable storage than any other vehicle in their respective segments. The 330-liter front trunk on the R1T is easily accessed for daily use with the hood fully powered for opening and closing.

The R1T’s lockable Gear Tunnel aft of the cab extends across the vehicle and provides more than 350 liters of space for hauling oversized gear, such as golf bags, strollers, or your unwanted Ikea shopping. The R1T has a watertight, integrated tonneau cover for the bed and beneath the bed floor is a 200-liter sealed bin that can also be used to store a full-size spare tire. The bed features three 110-volt outlets and integrated compressed air. This truck is built for the Middle East, why cant we have it sooner?!

As part of a Gear Guard feature, the bed also has two integrated locking cables to safely secure gear. Anything stored in the bed is monitored by a camera and alerts owners should the bed be tampered with.

Battery System

Tough underbody protection and an advanced cooling system of the battery pack gives you ease of mind, especially with those mountains that pass off as speed bumps found on our roads. The truck is smart too, it can learn how you drive and accordingly optimizes to maximize battery life. Three battery sizes are planned, with 180 kWh and 135 kWh at launch and a 105 kWh six months later.

The battery is designed for fast charging with charging rates of up to 160kW. This enables approximately 200 miles of range to be added in 30 minutes of charging. In addition to DC fast-charging, an 11kW onboard charger facilitates rapid charging at a Level 2 charger.


Rivian’s safety systems and body-structure design will deliver IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus and NHTSA 5-Star ratings. Safety features include 8 airbags for occupant protection and reinforcements of the skateboard platform to protect the battery.

R1T pricing starts at $61,500 after US Federal Tax credits with deliveries commencing later this year. People that have way more than that will get their trucks first, as only fully-equipped vehicles with the highest performance level and largest battery pack will enter production first. The 180 kWh pack and 135 kWh pack will be available at launch, with the base variant to follow late next year.

Got a friend in the US, then have them preorder one for a refundable deposit of $1,000. Pay for it, ship it here when it is available, then call us up for a drive!

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