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Cute, affordable and smart… the Xiaomi A1 moped

Xiaomi A1 riders

Famed for their smartphones that are capable of competing with Samsung, Xiaomi has revealed it latest affordable product, the A1, through its sub-brand 70mai. The Xiaomi A1 moped is the latest low-speed, pedal-bearing electric and affordable electric moped to hit the streets.

Don’t get it confused with their Mi A1 phone, except the fact that it is cheap. Priced at approximately US $430 it practically is the same cost as a smartphone. Actually, cheaper than an iPhone.

Xiaomi A1 Dash

From first looks, it’s quite compact and has minimal design features, but it looks great enough to zip around the town. It has the underbone chassis riding on 16 inchers and the regular suspension installed. At 55kgs, this light weight moped comes with a small apron covering the LED headlamp, with he side panels coming together with the single seat that is home to the battery.

Modestly equipped

Like the Xiaomi phones, it looks the smart part. There is a beautiful 6.8 inch touchscreen display taking over the rider console, which is Bluetooth enabled. Something we are seeing across all the electric mopeds / scooters. Another smart capability is that is connected with 4G, giving you basic data via sat-nav. There is a sense of reassurance with this bike as 90 minute video recordings are given via the front mounted 1080p camera. Upgrade to the Pro and you get voice assistance with XiaoAi to carry out the various voice commands.

Xiaomi A1 models

Standard is the 768Wh battery pack with a range of 60km and a top speed of 25 kph. Perfect for carrying out daily short distances within the city or in your community. You get an extra 10km with the Pro version that has a 960Wh battery. Another similar feature on these mopeds is the capability of removing the battery pack.

For now, this little affordable baby is only available in China, but we think it will be available soon on shopping networks like Alibaba if you cannot wait for it to hit your market.

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