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Polestar Precept Revealed: A whole lot of goodness to come

Polestar Precept

More info about the Polestar Precept revealed. With the Corona Virus pretty much halting our lives, the Precept, as with many other cars, revealed digitally.

“A precept is a manifesto of things to come; a declaration. The car signifies an important milestone for Polestar as a standalone brand, describing a unique design philosophy that remains firmly embedded in Polestar’s brand values: pure, progressive and performance.” The words of Alexander Lutz, MD Germany at Polestar.

Well, if the photos and info are of things to come, then please count the Middle East in! We would love to see this Polestar Precept revealed here too.

Precept: the design

Polestar Precept lights

“Polestar Precept’s aesthetics are rooted in cutting-edge technology rather than historical automotive references,” states Polestar Head of Design Maximilian Missoni when asked about the design of Polestar Precept. “Our goal was to question automotive conventions and traditions and start an entirely new chapter of avant-garde design.”

Precept pulls off a balancing act of being both visionary and realistic, a logical evolution of Polestar’s design language as well as a sizeable leap forward for automotive. Both the interior and the exterior of Precept feature sustainable or recycled materials, which have created new design opportunities due to their unique characteristics.

“As designers we can contribute to the move towards sustainability by getting inspired by these new materials,” Missoni continues. “With Precept, we wanted to show that sustainability and technology can be merged into stunning products.”

EV range is maximized with the front wing integrated into the bonnet. This allows for easier air flow reducing resistance over the body. This is supported with vents behind the front wheels which allows for air to exit the arches and allow for close body flow around the car. Coupled with vents in the rear, this supports brake cooling to its full potential. Also, to push for more airflow, the door handles are flush.

The 22-inch monster wheels are for show and a lot of go, with aerodynamic inserts.

SmartZone replaces the traditional front grille with elements required for Pilot Assist including long- and mid-range radar units, ultrasonic sensors and a high-definition wide-angle camera. Additional SmartZones on either side of the car house additional driving assistance sensors. Charging status is displayed via LED side markers on the C-pillars. Front splitter, side sills and rear valence in Bcomp natural composite echo interior panels.

With a long wheelbase, there is plenty of room for battery capacity and rear seated passengers – this will make a nice limo for esteemed customers in the Middle East.

Full-width tail lights with vertical air blades complete the aerodynamic design, allowing for cleaner air flow off the vehicle surface.

Precept: sustainability

Polestar Precept interior

There’s a lot of recycled material in this making for a vegan high-tech car. Shifting away from many plastic components, the company is working with interior producers Bcomp to use a flax-based composite. Bringing forward powerRibs tech from Bcomp, this reflects the veins you see on leaves, and it’s tough and light. powerRibs strengths Bcomp’s ampliTex composite material to also crea tough componentry which performs better that other material during impact.

Maximizing sustainable everyday material, they’ve recycled cork to make into vinyl which is placed in the seat head rests and bolsters.

Precept: 3D knit

Recycled plastic bottles are also used for headlining textiles, and recycled PET bottles are used for seat covers by 3D knitting. Not only does it have a distinctive look and feel befitting a premium vehicle, it’s made from a single strand of yarn. Variations of this material have been seen before, but only in the fashion world. They’ve brought it into automotive. And not just for the look.

It reduces waste in two ways: it’s made to size and therefore has no offcuts, and it repurposes discarded plastic bottles into something new. Plastic has near-infinite applications, and they’ve found a new one, one that puts old plastic to new use.

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