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Lucid Air making its way to the UAE and KSA

2021 Lucid Air Rear shot with stats

Lucid Motors, has announced that us folks in the Middle East can now reserve the 2021 Lucid Air car for the cost of a new Samsung phone.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for the lucky residents of Saudi and UAE, you can now pay AED/SR 3,800 to stake your claim on the beautiful Lucid Air. Why these two countries? Well they say its due to the market size and the people there love their tech filled cars.

Now, hold your horses. This car will not be available until late next year. So, though the pre-booking is available, we think demand for EVs is still yet to hit its peak in the region for you to rush to make one.

“The Middle East is in a unique position to help ensure the growth of the EV market worldwide and we are very excited to offer the Lucid Air in a region that is expected to become a key market,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors. “As the region actively diversifies from traditional industries and explores new renewable energy sources, including solar and wind, Lucid will be able to offer a pure-electric vehicle that meets the unique needs of consumers, including real inter-city range alongside unsurpassed power and luxury.”

Who knows, maybe you get some exclusivity if you make your reservation now. Maybe you’ll be the first one to valet it at Mall of Emirates for everyone to drool over. It’s totally up to you.

We think that we should be spying the amazing 2021 Lucid Air sometime soon on our roads. There needs to be testing done on our roads – that we are certain of. No electric vehicle will make its production cars available here without the proper testing. That’s why we firmly recommend that you do not buy grey market imports. Here are some reasons why. First, we all know how hot it gets in the GCC. Do you really want to drive around in a car that might not be set up for the heat? Some cars’ battery packs are low and not suitable for our mountainous speed bumps. One last reason, do you want to own a tech driven car without a service pack or warranty?! Especially that the cost of the battery pack can come to about 80% of the vehicle cost?

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