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The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab, it’s like the LEGO for Electric Trucks!

Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab - side

The World’s First and Only Class 3 Electric Commercial Truck Platform

Not too long ago, in a distant time, we were bring you regular updates. Bloody Covid-19 has really changed our lives. We are back to continue where we left you, bring you updates on electric cars, trucks, bikes and public transport. We posted a few pics of the Bollinger B2 on Instagram in March, and here’s a story that we want you to read. The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab pretty much grants you the customizations you really want and need.

With many new cars popping up, we can use more electric trucks in my honest opinion. They are more fun, cool, durable and with no fuel, make more bloody sense.

Bollinger Motors have really nailed it for giving the customer the ultimate choice of customization with their upcoming all-electric, chassis-cab truck platform. You can pretty much customize and build it like a LEGO set. In a company announcement, the Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab will start selling the full-cab and cutaway-cab versions in late 2021.

Looks mean and ready to fit your needs

Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab - rear

Bollinger joins Rivian and GMC to take on the fugly Cybertruck. The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab will be built on the patent pending Bollinger Motors E-Chassis all-wheel drive base that underpins the B1 SUT and the B2 Pickup. It will be available on both 2 door and 4 door cabs and on multiple wheelbase lengths.

What you’ll find in the B2 Chassis Cab

Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab - side

The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab comes nicely equipped with a 120-kWh battery pack, a 10-kW onboard charger to get your tools buzzing, stability and safety controls and self-leveling suspension. So, as with any desired truck here the specs that the company has listed for now.

  • Two-door or Four-door cab
  • Various wheelbase lengths, based on desired customization
  • Patent-pending passthrough for storage of long items
  • 120 kWh battery pack
  • Dual motor
  • Portal gear hubs
  • All-wheel drivetrain
  • All-terrain capabilities
  • 5,000 lb. payload
  • Ultra-low center of gravity
  • Hydraulic anti-lock power brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic traction control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • 10kw on-board charger/inverter
  • Complete power system controls, configurable to given vehicle application
  • Integrated thermal-management system

More news to follow!

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