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Electra QUDS Capital makes it’s online appearance

QUDS Capital exterior

On of our favorite auto brands, Electra, is back at it and out of nowhere making a bold claims and statement in their next car. The Electra QUDS Capital. Founder Jihad Mohammad has been blowing up the social media platforms with photos and videos of the new addition to the Electra family. There is a bold claim of 500-800km range, which would be amazing for any family in any Middle Eastern country!

The QUDS signature exterior

QUDS Capital exterior

Off the bat, when you look at the front, you know it is a QUDS. Why? Well, the front golden dome is actually inspired from ‘The Dome of the Rock’ in Palestine. That, coupled with the Electra headlights that resemble those on the QUDS E.E. give the front quite a unique look. Honestly, it took us a while to like the design of this car. After seeing the video (below) we started to grow fond of it.

This car, while mean looking in the front, is designed as a family car at heart. It is a four-door and four seater sedan that combines a tubular frame and composite body, which pretty much is found on your sporty cars.

According to the company, the Electra QUDS Capital is 10 to 25 percent lighter than vehicles that will be considered its competition. If so, that much weight difference will surely give it the advantage in performance and range over other cars in the same class.

As much as the front is unique, we found the rear end to be slightly bland. But in all fairness, even the Porsche Tycan has a bluh rear (when we spotted one on the road).

Straightforward and clean interior

QUDS Capital interior

The car boasts high-quality hand stitched leather with light weight bucket seats in the front. The car comes standardly equipped with a 12” infotainment touch screen smack in the center console and has TFT gauge clusters. From what we see in the assets, it seems to be more practical inside than a show-stopping concept car – and may I add those never make it to production.

Here are some specs that the company currently lists.


  • Battery Lithium ION
  • Power 120kW (160kW peak)
  • Weight 1507kg
  • Range 500-800km
  • Seats 4
  • Wheels 18” Aluminium
  • Tires 225/45 ZR18
  • Display LCD Gauge Cluster + 12″ Touchscreen

Again, Mr Jihad, if you ever bring any of the Electra cars to the UAE, we’d love to drive them.

More news to come when we smell it.

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