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Kandi K27: An electric car that would do really well in Lebanon and Jordan

Kandi K27 Hero

Chinese automaker Kandi has just entered the US market with their two electric cars, the K23 and K27. Due to the price points, we’ll talk about the latter. The Kandi K27 is priced so well, that we really think it will kill it in Jordan and Lebanon. Why those two? Well, Jordan is the leading country in the Middle East for EVs, and Lebanon well, the car prices are nuts – plus petrol pricing is a killer.

In the US, at launch, the Kandi K27 is offered at a fixed price of $17,999 – which is cheap enough for a car, however, at federal tax credit, the car will end up costing $9,999! Bloody hell, that’s AED36,000!

Now do keep in mind that you get what you’re pretty much paying for. A body, four-wheels, some seat and a battery pack. The car, as per Kandi, can drive 160km on a single charge – another reason it is perfect for Lebanon. The battery capacity is at 18kWh, the motor pushes out 27 horses, and a measly top speed of approximately 100km. This makes it a great city runner, pretty much an upgrade of a ‘mobilette’ (scooter).

Come to think of it, it would be great in the GCC too, where it is scorching hot for the delivery folks running orders on their bikes. It will be a humane investment.

Kandi K27sSafety features:

  • – Battery Protection System
  • – Vehicle Anti-Theft System
  • – Speed Sensing Door Lock System
  • – ABS + EBD
  • – Over-Speed Warning
  • – Seat Belt Warning
  • – Backup Camera
  • – Bluetooth Hand Free Devices
  • – Door Ajar Warning
  • – Air Bags (Driver + Front Passenger)
  • – Car Seat Fixture

The car will be available in red, blue, yellow, white and black. There’s no sign if it will ever reach here, but if it does, we’d expect it to do well in the Levant.

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