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Simple, elegant and spacious, Volkswagen ID.4 interior revealed


Volkswagen is going for the Tesla ‘purist’ approach with the all-electric ID.4. We love how elegant and seamless the feel is. The ID.4 is quickly approaching its launch, with the first vehicles scheduled for delivery before the end of this year – obviously not in the Middle East. It is some sort of punishment being in this market. All the amazing cars get their global reveals and on-road drives way before us. Curse you oil!

Well, the company boasts ample space, amazing lighting coupled with sustainable upholstery materials in the Volkswagen ID.4.

Recently, all manufacturers have been upping their game in one main segment, the electric SUV segment that is. You’ll notice a lot of news of new entries for manufacturers being SUVs. I believe it has to do with price. For some reason, we accept high prices when they are for SUVs. Volkswagen have high hopes for this eSUV, especially in China and USA – well why the bloody hell not the Middle East? We’ve got Expo you know.

Back to the car. Head of Volkswagen Group Design, Klaus Zyciora describes the Volkswagen ID.4 as “freedom on the outside, free space on the inside. The ID.4 brings a new sense of space to its category thanks to the new MEB platform, our modular electric drive matrix.”

As expected in a SUV: Volkswagen ID.4 comes with big door entries and high seats

side shot

Though the photos don’t look it, the Volkswagen ID.4 is featuring as an eSUV – meaning lots of room. Driver and passengers access the vehicle through large door openings and benefit from a high seating position, while the rear seat bench offers as much space as a conventional SUV in the next higher category. Even with the rear seats upright, VW says the rear luggage compartment is 543 liters. More than enough to fit your weekly groceries… or extra family members if you are driving in Lebanon.

The dash panel seems to be floating, as it is not linked to the center console, which has been designed as an independent component. A large and optional tilting panoramic sunroof made of glass brings in unrestricted views of the sky grants an unrestricted view of the sky.

As with all the ID. models, there is the signature light strip below the windscreen that signals the mode the vehicle is in via various colors. It also works as a prompt, letting you know when to brake in an emergency or if you have a call coming in. It’s also smart, it can recommend a lane change by blinking – it will also tell your dumbass if you are in the wrong lane. Not sure if this is referring to while using the navigation, or you’re heading down the opposite highway trying to beat rush hour traffic.

Sustainable and comfortable seats for your tush


Not sure if you want to enjoy the seats while driving or just get in while its parked to soothe your back. The Volkswagen ID.4 seats in their 1st Max limited editions come packed with electrical adjustment options, and a pneumatic lumbar support with built-in massage function. They will be wrapped in animal-free materials which are a combination leatherette and a microfiber material, consisting of approximately 20 percent recycled PET bottles, called ArtVelours.

The interior of the ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max limited-edition models is dominated by calm, sophisticated colors called Platinum Grey and Florence Brown. The steering wheel, steering column, the housings of the display and control panels in the doors come in trendy Piano Black or purist Electric White. The bright color sets a futuristic highlight throughout the vehicle interior and underlines its clear-cut design.

As we have been preaching, and the purpose of our website, the future of mobility is electric. Because of this, we love that Volkswagen is heavily investing in electric mobility. They will invest around 11 billion Euros by 2024, which is part of their ‘Transform 2025+ strategy. If you are wondering what ID. stands for, well it is obviously ‘Intelligent Design’. The Volkswagen ID.4 will be making its world premiere before the end of September 2020.

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