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Battery Day – Elon Musk says exciting things to come

Battery Day - Elon Musk

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk pretty much stated that lots of announcements on Battery Day. Battery Day, Tesla’s annual event where important updates are revealed, like new cars, has been previously postponed. It’s scheduled for September 22 along with their Annual Stockholder’s meeting.

According to their website, the Stockholder Meeting is by invite only you’ll need a unique code to stream online. The event will have limited physical presence too (bloody Covid-19). Battery Day might be limited, if it isn’t we’ll be glued to our screens to watch!

Earlier, Elon Musk had suggested that Tesla may be able to mass produce longer-life batteries with 50% more energy density in three to four years.

It’s also expected that Musk may reveal details about his company’s Roadrunner project, a proprietary battery cell manufacturing process, which debuted early this year.

It’s worth noting for us in the region that we currently have the Model S, Model 3 and Model X. On the UAE website, one can inquire about the soon to be available Model Y and Cybertruck. We’ve asked Tesla for more information on the latter will be available in the region, but no response thus far.

We’ll have more updates on September 22 when the company makes those exciting announcements.

Image: Taken from Forbes.com

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