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Drako Motors accepting orders for Drako GTE in the Middle East!

Front quarter shot

So after hearing about Drako Motors; Drako GTE electric super monster car, we thought we would reach out and see if it is available to customers in the Middle East. Guess what, it is! For a pretty penny, you can own yourself a beautiful Drako GTE.

With very, I mean extremely, limited units available worldwide, if you are reading this, and can afford it, buy it. Oh, and let us know if you did. If you order yours today, you’ll receive at around April or May.

Below is our Q&A with Drako Motors’s press team

EVME: If a customer in the Middle East wants to order a car, what’s the process (any other way besides the enquiry form on your website)?

Drako Motors (DM): Drako GTE is a limited production supercar with just 25 units planned for worldwide production. Interested customers are encouraged to reach out to Drako Motors at reservations@drakomotors.com to secure their Drako GTE. Upon placing an order, customers collaborate directly with our design team led by Drako GTE Chief Designer and former Pininfarina Design Director, Lowie Vermeersch, to configure their GTE to their exact specifications.

EVME: Are sales open for all Middle East or certain countries only? We’ve been seeing players like Lucid Motors only opening orders for Saudi and UAE.

DM: Drako GTE orders are available for all Middle East countries.

EVME: f someone from the Middle East can place an order, how long will it take for them to receive shipment? Furthermore, how will the vehicle servicing take place?

DM: Production of Drako GTE customer vehicles has begun and a customer placing an order today is expected to receive delivery in Q2 2021.

As Drako GTE is a fully connected vehicle equipped with Drako DriveOS, much of the vehicle’s service is provided through remote diagnostics and over-the-air full vehicle software updates. When physical service is required, Drako Motors service rangers are dispatched to provide onsite service anywhere in the world.

EVME: Have you seen any interest from the Middle East yet?

DM: Since Drako GTE’s World Premiere launch event at the 2019 Quail Motorsports gathering, there has been significant interest from the Middle East and worldwide.

EVME: Is the vehicle capable of withstanding the extreme heat, especially in the GCC (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi)?

DM: Drako GTE is engineered for the highest levels of performance in most extreme temperatures and conditions on earth. From a battery and powertrain perspective, Drako GTE’s internal massively-parallel cooling architecture is designed to quickly dissipate heat lap after lap no matter the ambient temperature. Three oversized radiators at the front of the car are fed with ample airflow through GTE’s aggressive three section front fascia to ensure overheating does not inhibit lap time.

Rear shot

You can read more about the Drako GTE here

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