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Elon Musk announces $25,000 new model, and an insane Model S Plaid

Battery Day

Tesla hosted its annual Battery Day event with Elon Musk making some radical announcements! Tesla is looking to introduce a new electric car for $25,000, remove cobalt from its batteries, and a new Plaid Model S.

Here are the top announcements made:

A $25,000 Tesla

This seems to fit with his previous announcement back in 2018 where he said he would achieve a $25,000 Tesla car in three-years. However, the market wasn’t so sure as the stock price took a hit – come on guys, he’s got a year to go.

We hope Tesla will have solved their pricing in the Middle East as right now Tesla owners are forking way more for one here compared to the US. You see, we rejoiced when the Model 3 was announced at around $35,000 however, this was not the case for the UAE. It currently starts at around $43,800 here, which is way off their US pricing.

Tesla looks to hit the $25k mark by reducing the cost of its battery packs, which is by using its ‘Tabless’ battery cells. By changing the material components of the cell Musk said that it would drop the price per kWh by half.

No more Cobalt

With no specific timeline in mind, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to completely remove Cobalt from inside the cathodes. Though they do not use a lot, they are looking to remove it due to the conditions Cobalt is mined under which violate human rights.

This also may reduce expenses and costs, as Musk said affordibilaty is key to how they grow, and it is critical that they make cars that people can actually afford. Well Mr Musk, how about you look at the pricing model for the Middle East as that pretty much violates human rights too!

Hyperfast Tesla Model S Plaid

Model S plaid

One of the Battery Day show stoppers was the announcement of the much anticipated Model S Plaid. Living to his promise of insane performance, the Plaid will be able to smack 100km/h from zero in under two seconds! UNDER TWO SECONDS YA PEOPLE! Not only that, he went on to say that it will achieve a quarter mile in under nine seconds. That’ll surely blow the Plaid off any Scotsman Kilt… aye. With that much power you’d expect range depletion, but fear not, the Plaid will offer up to 837km. You could go days, even a week, without worrying about charging your car. Plaid is currently listed on the US website for $139,990 – worth it – and will be available in 2021.

Cybertruck pre-orders reach 600,000

Cybertruck picnic

Musk was happy to announce, which confirms earlier unofficial estimates, that Cybertruck orders went well over half a million. That’s a cool $60million dollars in pre-orders, however, the deposits paid by customers are fully refundable, so who knows how many of those thousands will end up buying it. We know Dubai Police will.

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