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Dongfeng’s Premium EV Brand Voyah Debuts Italdesign i-LAND

Italdesign i-LAND front

A few days ago, the Italdesign i-LAND the full-electric car by Voyah graciously made its debut. This marvel has all the hints of Italdesign’s philosophy, designs and engineering. It’s a bloody good car to look at. Now don’t think this is a knock off of another vehicle that caught headlines last year in Geneva – this does resemble another concept Italdesign came up with, the DaVinci.

Italdesign completely took over the car from interior to exterior styling, interface, engineering development and concept construction. It pretty much is an Italian car offered with Chinese components. They even came up with the Voyah logo.

Italdesign I-LAND Exterior

Italdesign i-LAND open doors

i-LAND exteriors are inspired by the great Italian tradition of Gran Turismo cars, taking advantage of ESSA (Electric, Smart & Secure Architecture) electric platform, made available by the Chinese brand, to obtain a low and tapered profile.

The car features large gull-wing doors, providing simultaneous access to both front and rear passengers.

The front headlights, officially dubbed the ‘winged headlights’, strongly characterize the i-LAND, making it recognizable even in the dark, and generates directly from the Voyah logo positioned at the center of the grille.

The backside resembles the Italian tradition of Gran Turismo cars with a classic truncated tail and combines aesthetic and aerodynamic functions.

Inside the i-LAND

The Voyah i-LAND seats four, but also a three-seat layout, as the seat next to the driver can become a table or footrest if necessary. There are many screens and the Italdesign-ed Voyah logo features across the entire cabin – like everywhere you look.

Some aesthetic elements enhance the general feeling of luxury experienced on board the car, such as the vanes positioned in the central tunnel, with the start stop button, the gear selection and the air conditioning, as well as the car’s ceiling.

Will this car make it to production, the company says so, we just don’t know when. Voyah said that the i-Land “should spawn a production model in the near future. We’re just not sure when, but the company promises L3 and higher autonomous driving with the production car.

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