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Mercedes-Benz confirms expansion of the electric car range with six new EQ models

Mercedes-Benz EQ line up

The market for electric vehicles is more alive than ever, with many manufacturers making waves of vehicle and line-up announcements. Mercedes-Benz just confirmed a line-up of six new vehicles in the EQ series will be coming to roads soon. The first is the grand EQS which is the all-electric member in the new S-Class range and arrives on the market next year.

The Six Mercedes-Benz EQ models will be:

  • EQS the all-electric member in the new S-Class range arriving in 2021
  • EQE business saloon
  • EQA, the fully electric brother of the GLA which will start production this year
  • EQB, coming in 2021

For now, the information provided is mainly on the EQS, which we’ll get to shortly, and the details for EQS SUV, EQE and EQE SUV are hush hush and under wraps. The company will reveal all-electric architecture next year. So, we already know that the EQC mid-size SUV and EQV people carrier are already coming, customers in the compact car segment can look forward to two all-electric SUVs, the EQA and EQB. Their progressive design identifies them as members of the all-electric product range. Production of the EQA will commence before the end of this year.

Mercedes-Benz are fully utilizing their custom-developed architecture which allows for scalability across the entire model series. Meaning, they can churn out more cars with a little engineering effort due to the modular design. The wheelbase and track as well as all other system components, especially the batteries, are all variable – making it possible to build Mercedes-Benz electric cars from saloons to large SUVs.

Now on to the boss of luxury sedans

Much of the design of the EQS is in thanks to the Vision EQS concept that was revealed one-year ago. The EQS is basically going to be the flagship luxury sedan but all-electric, hoping to have ranges of up to 700 km (WLTP).

The EQS is currently undergoing the last tests on the way to production maturity, including at the Test and Technology Centre in Immendingen. The systematic validation of the overall vehicle serves to guarantee the high quality standards and is one of the extensive measures in the development process of every Mercedes-Benz model series. Stations include tough winter testing in Scandinavia, chassis and drivetrain tests on proving grounds, public roads and on the high-speed test track in Nardo as well as the integrated testing of the overall vehicle in the heat of Southern Europe and South Africa. Test drives are currently also being conducted in China and the USA. In the case of the EQS, special attention is paid to the electric powertrain and the battery, of course. They too are tested and approved in accordance with the strictest Mercedes-Benz standards.

The EQS is produced together with the S-Class in “Factory 56” in Sindelfingen, one of the world’s most modern car factories.

As part of its “Ambition 2039” initiative, Mercedes-Benz is working on offering a CO2-neutral new car fleet less than 20 years from now. The company wants electrically powered cars including all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to account for more than half of its sales already by 2030.

Check out the video of the camouflaged cars on the roads

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