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Renault Megane eVision – the Future of Electric Cars to Come

Mégane eVision hero

Not to be confused with Etisalat’s eVision, the Renault Megane eVision is such a stunning vehicle to look at. For me, it is in the top 5 best looking EVs. Renault recently held their eWays event, and presented this striking all-electric show car which will be available in 2021. As fans of the Megan (GT), we cannot wait to get behind the wheel.

The Renault Megane eVision makes the most of what the new platform designed by the Alliance has to offer. This dynamic hatchback features one of the thinnest batteries on the market and a new ultra-compact powertrain offering more roominess. Its sophisticated features and the lighting signature accentuate the modern look of the car, which breaks the existing codes of electric vehicles when it comes to use, size and design, as well as energy efficiency.

The Renault Megane eVision continues the history of the Megane, the flagship model of Renault’s compact range for 25 years, and firmly establishes it in the modern world. This show-car embodies the first step in a breakthrough that is at once emotional (design), innovative (interior) and technological (electric), which comes at a time when customer needs are also changing.

New range and upcoming services

The Megane eVision show car will give birth to the latest generation of vehicles featuring cutting-edge connected services and will be part of an overall improvement in the electric ecosystem to support users and their needs. For instance, it will play a role in the development of smart charging to support the stability of the electrical grid and help users reduce their costs. The car’s connectivity allows charging to be triggered at the right time to avoid overloading the grid and promote the use of renewable energy. V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is another technology currently in development which allows any parked car that is charging to transfer part of the electricity from its battery to the grid.

CMF-EV: a modular electric platform

Renault’s future all-electric vehicles will be built on the new modular CMF-EV platform designed by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, making each new model easier to manufacture with increased and optimized electric performance. The CMF-EV platform has many advantages that set it apart from a traditional platform used for internal-combustion or mixed electric/internal-combustion engine vehicles. For example, it has a smaller engine compartment, since electric engines are more compact than their diesel and petrol counterparts. The extended wheelbase and wheels located at the four corners of the vehicle offer greater roominess and a more aesthetic design. With breakthrough technologies and more powerful batteries, the CMF-EV platform will provide the customers of the future with increased driving range and reduced charging time.

Optimized driving range and charging time

The Renault Megane eVision has an ultrathin 60 kWh battery, making it lower for improved aerodynamics and significantly reduced electric consumption. Its DC charger (up to 130 kW) also allows for faster charging times. As a result, the show-car offers road and motorway performance that is generally only found in top-of-the-range cars, whilst still maintaining a compact exterior. The batteries developed on the CMF-EV platform boast an exceptionally innovative feature in that they are ‘structural’ – they are an integral part of the car’s structure and help to absorb impact energy in the event of a side collision. Cars designed on the CMF-EV platform will benefit from an increased driving range. With the new 60 kWh battery for fast charging (DC charger up to 130 kW), the standard model of the Megane eVision show-car will be able to drive long distances in the same amount of time as internal-combustion vehicles, stops included.


Designed on an exclusive architecture, the compact engine and all the technical elements associated with it as well as with the car’s other features are fitted at the front, inside the engine compartment. This creates space in the passenger compartment and optimizes comfort. This particularly applies to the air-conditioning unit. The instrument panel can therefore be slimmer and located further back for greater roominess.

The Megane eVision’s engine is one of the most powerful in the Renault range across all energy sources. It has 160 kW of power (equivalent to 217 HP) and 300 Nm of torque, for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h less than eight seconds.

All-new design

Mégane eVision front

The Megane eVision is nonetheless a dynamic hatchback with new dimensions and bold features. It is muscular and low making it highly aerodynamic, with large wheels that are thinner than those of other vehicles of the same size. The design of the Megane eVision show-car has new proportions and is intended to be resolutely modern. The large wheels, significant body height and sturdy look are all visual characteristics of SUVs, while its compactness, very short overhangs and large wheelbase make it look like a city hatchback. Not forgetting the world of coupé cars thanks to a spoiler at the top of the roof and an aluminum diffuser under the bumper.

Like the MORPHOZ concept, the Megane eVision show-car features large, aerodynamic wheels as seen in the 20-inch rims in the shape of propeller blades. To the same end, the wheels and part of the 245/40 ZR 20 tires are covered by 21-inch trims finished with aerodynamic flaps, while shaded decorative lines recalls those of the lower grills.

The slimline lights are slimline and equipped with LED Matrix technology, giving the front end a vibrant look. The all-electric lighting signature featured on the standard model also makes the bodywork appear wider.

LIVINGTECH: welcome on board

The Megane eVision is not just a show-car to look at and admire – it is an invitation to travel. With Renault’s LIVINGTECH technological ecosystem, it caters for the needs of passengers and provides them with convenient solutions to suit their usage. The car is intuitive and smart and focuses on interacting with the passengers.

The show-car reveals itself in three stages on different levels.

  • First, the overall dimensions: the car’s outline is recognisable from a distance while its welcome sequence and lighting signature arouse curiosity.
  • Then, new light effects appear when approaching the car, bringing life to the contour of the vehicle. The surfaces and the bold lines emerge.
  • And finally, the level of detail and the sophisticated features come to light on close inspection. They herald the vehicle’s electric drive and slowly draw the eye to the interior.

The interior unveiled

The lighting welcome sequence is not just part of the exterior shell of the car. Through the windows, a lighting effect reveals certain aspects of the cockpit: the top edges of the LIVINGSCREEN display light up to reveal its L-shape and the name Megane eVision appears on the screen. State-of-the-art technology and modernity provide everything the user could wish for.

The last major advantage of this new platform is the maximized interior roominess with more spacious front-seats and more legroom at the back. For example, the platform can accommodate models with the passenger room of a road saloon and the dimensions of a compact car. With a slim and sleek instrument panel and exclusive new storage, engineers have created a completely new modular environment that combines design with practicality.

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