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Tesla Model S Plaid is now available to order in UAE and Jordan

Tesla Model S - Performance

The insane tri-motor Tesla Model S Plaid is now available to order in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan – the only to countries in the Middle East the electric car maker officially sells through dealerships. The car is packed with over 1,100 HP, capable of 320 km/h top speed, and blasting from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.1 seconds. Tesla also claims it will hit +840 km in range.

Starting at a whopping supercar price tag of AED 579,990 and JOD 128,990, you can reserve your Tesla Model S Plaid for AED 4,000 or JOD 900 right now on their website. One thing we are not a fan of is the major price difference compared to the United States of America. You see, in the US, prices start at $139,900 that is approximately $19,000 cheaper than it is in the UAE. My Jordanian friends, you can expect to pay $42,000 more compared to the US!!!

If you have the cash, and are ready to buy, you might has well opt for the highest specs, which would end up at a purchase price of AED 614,190 and JOD 136,490. The add-ons include the 21-inch rims, premium interior, and the red multi-coat color – prices excludes the full-autonomous option which we don’t see being made available here till another 5 years at least.

The Tesla Model S Plaid will take the lead in the most powerful volume production vehicle, there is no other car being produced so widely that comes even close. Sure, you have the Lucid Air Dream Edition, but will they sell as many cars?

We’ve updated our Ultimate EV Buyer Guide, so check it out! If you do order one, let us know when you get it. We’ll feature you on our site for sure.

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