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New Porsche Taycan Carbon Styling Kit from ZYRUS Engineering

Full kit

Off the cusp of the recent launch of the Porsche Taycan in Dubai, we receive a heads-up from ZYRUS Engineering about a sick carbon styling package that take the external looks of the mighty Taycan to a new level. The best part is folks in the Middle East can order it too!

The team at ZYRUS Engineering had to stop working on a special Lambo project due to COVID-19 ruining everyone’s lives and stopping them from the testing and development phase. So, in the interim, a tasteful customer in Norway asked them to design custom carbon parts for their Porsche Taycan.

Challenge accepted

With an extensive background of carbon fiber production and utilizing the latest technology already at their disposal, the team produced all carbon parts in-house to specification. After nearly three months of prototyping, ZYRUS believes they will be the first to market with such a high-end package for Porsche Taycan customers.

The full carbon kit is available to order now, and contains 14 carbon parts that fit the OEM mounting points. With the original DNA of the Porsche Taycan preserved, the carbon fiber creates a sublime, professional finish. This top quality kit is made with pre-preg carbon the same found on F1 cars – so it’s super safe and strong. 

Great news for the Middle East Taycan owners that want this superb kit. We reached out to ZYRUS Engineering for more info. The 14-piece kit is available for the Porsche Taycan 4S at $14,900. If you order it, you get a great introductory deal we they are offering free shipping direct from Norway. This excludes import fees or taxes of course; you need to pony up for those. The rear wing can be purchased separately at €1,700 for those that want just that – it fits on all Taycan trims. For more customization, custom paint also offered to customers upon enquiry. Taycan Turbo S and Sportdesign Kits will be ready in December, but eager customers can pre ordered now (free shipping). Head to their website to make an order.

Right now, if you place your order, you can expect your kit to reach your country in a few weeks (you should factor in clearing customs, so that depends on your country). ZYRUS Engineering are also looking at sending interested Middle East dealers some stock, so customers can get it on the spot.

For our readers interested in the Porsche Taycan, visit our Ultimate EV Buyer Guide to know prices, specs and availability.

If anyone here makes the order, write to us as we would love to see it up close and personal.

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