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Electra RISE, the New Electric Car from the Middle East We Want

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Update November 30, 2020: Pricing and launch date confirmed

Our favorite EV brand, Electra, as it’s from the Middle East and dedicated for the Middle East as much it is for the world, is showing off a new electric car, the Electra RISE. It is expected to launch 21-02-21 and Germany will be the first market to receive it outside of Lebanon. Electra is focusing quite a bit on Germany as they have their first dealer situated there expecting to penetrate the European market from there

Not much official information is known about the Electra RISE other than the topline stats. The car will be made for two adults, can hit 0-100km in approximately 4 seconds, and will have a top speed of 230km/h. The RISE will look at a range between 250km to 400km, which is quite broad, but more precise info will be available closer to the launch.

From the renderings, it has butterfly doors and looks like a mix of the QUDS E.E. and the CAPITAL however, as the name states, the focus is on the golden ‘Phoenix’ this time, while the dome is in black. In a Facebook post, the car was dedicated to the RISE of Beirut (referencing how Beirut will rise again after the terrible blast that shook the country). Out the pack, I love this one the most and we believe it will be priced insanely well (update: it starts at $30,000).

Another reason we love the Electra brand is that they are investing heavily in the Middle East. The big man Mr Jihad Mohammed, who has our mighty respect, is building a massive office in Lebanon that will serve as its global headquarters and a dealership too. Over the last few months the company went on a hiring spree recruiting talented individuals from across the globe. Amazing stuff sir!

Visit our EV Buyer Guide to know more about the Electra brand and the currently available QUDS CAPITAL car.

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