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Toyota e-TNGA Platform to host full-electric Mid-Sized SUV

Toyota electric SUV silhouette

So this happened, Toyota recently announced that its first proper EV will be an SUV. We say first proper EV only because the company does not have one available outside of China. The lucky folks in China get to drive the companies CH-R which is the actual first fully-electric compact SUV – The Middle East has pretty much the same, but only Hybrid. The European dedicated mid-sized battery-electric SUV will be based on their new Toyota e-TNGA platform. Why do I feel that the Middle East is the runt of the litter?! So, when this EV goes live in Europe, we here will be hoping that it kind of makes its official way to our markets.

Not much info on the new vehicle, as the company stated more details to come in the coming months. We only get to see a stylized silhouette to accompany the info on the Toyota e-TNGA platform. The company boasts the platforms clever design that is highly versatile and easily adaptable for a range of product types. The basic architecture principle is that a number of key elements remain fixed whilst others vary. This approach allows variance in vehicle width, length, wheelbase and height.

e-TNGA can also be defined with front-, rear- or four-wheel drive and with a wide-range of battery and electric motor capacities to suit various vehicle types and usage profiles.

By using this versatile approach, the development time of different product variants can be reduced and individual models can be developed in parallel.

The first e-TNGA based model has already been developed and is being readied for production. Manufacturing will take place at Toyota’s ZEV Factory in Japan.

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