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NIO Flagship Sedan is Coming Tomorrow

NIO flagship sedan reveal photo

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for the Chinese EV manufacturer NIO. At their annual event NIO Day, held in Chengdu China, among other announcements, they will reveal the first ever NIO flagship sedan with the latest autonomous driving technologies and the 150 kWh battery pack, second-generation swap stations, and other core technologies.

NIO Users voted for the venue and organized NIO Day. The event will feature a range of exciting activities, including performances by the famous music composer Shi Lei Chang, NIO BAND, whose NIO Day 2020 theme song “The Future is Ahead,” and leading Chinese musician Wang Feng.

The new battery pack has been enhanced, being the capacity increased without the size of the pack getting any bigger. According to cnTech, the range of the new sedan could hit 900 km! Now if that is possible, it will blow all other manufacturers out of the water. Especially the ones that keep upping each other by 50-70 km.

According to cnTECH, a user asked via the NIO app which class of luxury cars the sedan will go up against, and NIO co-founder and President Qin Lihong responded with the BMW 7 series.

From the looks of the image they shared, the NIO flagship sedan will be a sportback looking sedan. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow. To watch it, head here it starts at 4:30pm UAE time.

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