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Cadillac CELESTIQ Teased – Comes with Adjustable Smart Glass Roof and Four Wheel Steering

Cadillac CELESTIQ Teaser

Cadillac, taking advantage of GM’s major presence at CES 2021, teased us folk yesterday with the upcoming ultra-luxurious and fully-electric CELESTIQ show car. That’s makes two special cars we cannot wait to see in person from Cadi, this and last year’s LYRIQ. Looks like Cadi want to make claim to design and technology with the CELESTIQ.

The foundation of CELESTIQ is the modular Ultium battery platform, which enables greater design flexibility, so the designers and engineers let loose with all the space to create this ‘stunning vehicle’ with low profile and rearward proportions.

From the video above you’ll see the car seems to be sleek and tech full – especially with a screen spanning across the entire dash (from cluster to passenger side). According to the luxury arm of GM, the CELESTIQ will provide a customizable experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Taking a luxury to the next level, each vehicle offers a curated selection of hand-crafted materials, and each CELESTIQ will be designed to reflect the individuality of its owner. The vehicles will feature all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and a full-glass roof.

Now this is bloody brilliant, and not sure why it took so long to grace us. The CELESTIQ’s roof is expected to be one of the first to feature a four-quadrant, suspended-particle-device smart glass. With this smart glass, each occupant of the vehicle can set their own level of roof transparency. The individualized experience shared by each occupant will be a signature aspect of the Cadillac CELESTIQ.

Console screens between seats in the front and back will separate individualized comfort settings from entertainment displays to minimize distractions.

As Cadillac’s future flagship sedan, CELESTIQ show car embodies Cadillac’s pioneering spirit and focus on setting the standard for luxury EVs.

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