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EvozoneMoto Adds ONE MOTO to its Line Up in the UAE

Evozone Moto showroom

Editor’s note: This story on electric bikes is not promoted or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, this is purely my opinion and based on what I have seen on their website or researched.

EvozoneMoto, the UAE’s first EV Hub and biggest electric bikes seller, has recently announced that it is the exclusive dealer for ONE MOTO in the UAE. The entire 2021 demo fleet is available on their website right now for your viewing pleasure.

EvozoneMoto are pretty much leading the charge (pun intended) on EVs, mainly the two wheelers, in the UAE. Operating from Umm Suqeim, EvozoneMoto now offers electric vehicles from ONE MOTO, SUR-RON, and HORWIN in all shapes, forms and sizes. If you are on the lookout for an electric bike, then I can confidently say you will find it at EvozoneMoto.


From ONE MOTO you have all the brand’s offering. Products start from the simple Scoota that costs AED 1,995 all the way up to the Deliva delivery truck at AED 104,571. One of my favorites is the 971 Ryda, a vintage styled cruiser that pays homage to the beginnings of the UAE.


If your up for some dirt electric bikes action, then SUR-RON is right up your alley. Currently on offer is the BEE family. You have the Light Bee priced at AED 16,500 which gives you a range of around 100km and a top speed of 48 km/h, and then there’s the Storm Bee for the more adventurous, giving you a ride with the same range as the Light Bee, but a top speed of 110 km/h, and for AED 32,000.


There are currently 5 electric vehicles on offer, with the EK1 scooter decently priced at AED 11,970. This nifty little machine will get you around 70 km in range and a top speed of 45 km/h. They also have a couple of bikes, a nice looking CR6 Pro priced at AED 31,125 which gives you a decent 120 km on a full charge.

There are 20 electric vehicles available at EvozoneMoto, there is something to meet any of your needs. I’ll be making a trip soon to have myself a look. Who knows, I might just go and get my motorcycle license earlier than expected and get myself one. Or maybe I’ll just start off with the ONE MOTO Scoota and remain happily married.

A bit about EvozoneMoto

Driven by motorcycling passion, DusejaMoto was created by Shivani Duseja in 2008. She has led the company from the front: developing, adapting and growing it from the early stages. She is responsible for the introduction of 8 new motorcycle brands to this market. Head to their website for more info

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