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Electric DeLorean – Back to the Future?


In a recent blog post, looks like the DeLorean will be coming back to the future as an Electric DeLorean! Now kids these days wont know why most of us in our 40s are so amped about that news, for our younger readers who don’t know why this is exciting, go and watch the Back to the Future series!

To put a long story short, due to some regulations in the US, the DeLorean was meant to make some cars based on a petrol engine. Due to limitations in emissions, etc. and delays in allowing the company to manufacture new vehicles, they had to hold off on production for an engine that might be short-lived. So, enter plans for the electric DeLorean.

The world is buzzing with electric vehicles with new companies launching, heavy investments being made in China for manufacturing and sales, and companies changing their entire brand identity (Hyundai, GM, KIA) to reflect the future of mobility being electric. So, the company is taking this into consideration and thinking about the next DeLorean being electric instead of internal combustion.

The DeLorean, named after the founder, was the only vehicle to produced by the company, and it shot to fame when it was fitted with a ‘Flux Capacitor’ in the Back to the Future movies. It was also a hit with customers as the gull wing doors were super modern and attractive at the time.

The company is supposedly now looking at financing the new electric DeLorean and all we can do is ‘stay tuned’ for future announcements.

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