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First look at the Electra Lebanese Showroom Design

Electra Showroom

Off the bat, this is not promoted in anyway, shape or form (they don’t even know I’m writing this till they read it), but the folks at Electra, our favorite local brand led by Jihad Mohammed, are really doing amazing things for Lebanon, Palestine and the wider Arab World. When people are trying to get their money out of Lebanon, Electra are investing in it! The company is well into its way of building its HQ in Lebanon, and the company have posted designs of what the Electra showroom seem to look like on their Facebook page.

What a breath of fresh air. Seriously, the design will literally be that as it will be green inside. The designs of the Electra Showroom, by architect Manal Shalak from the Lebanon based firm Code are beautiful. The place feels warm, oozes with sustainability, and looks classy.

Electra have been so quick to produce their vehicles. In a matter of months when we first saw designs, the company is already producing the Electra RISE. The car will be made for two, can hit 0-100km in approximately 4 seconds, and will have a top speed of 230km/h. The RISE will look at a range between 250km to 400km, which is quite broad, but more precise info will be available closer to the launch.

They are also taking orders providing flexible payment terms for Lebanese residents. The car costs $30,000 and you can pay $15,000 down payment and upon delivery, the remaining $15,000 via bankers cheque. An equally attractive alternative payment plan is you pay $15,000 as a down payment, and finance the remaining over 5-years at 0% interest at a monthly rate of LBP 975,000.

The car is scheduled to launch on February 21, 2021. We cannot wait for this.

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