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Electric Cars in the Middle East Ranked by Range

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So, you’re looking to switch to the quite side. You’re ready to make that move to electric cars. One of the key factors you should keep an eye out for is convenience. If that is one of the main reasons you look for when buying a new car, then read on. You see, besides the price point, convenience is probably the reason that most will not buy an electric car. I believe that it is all down to perception. People will say, ‘Oh what if I forget to charge overnight I wont be able to make it to work in the morning,’ or ‘I gotta play around with cables and crap.’ Well, isn’t it the same if you run out of petrol? So, to minimize this ‘burden’ always check what the range of your next electric car can offer. Since you’re forking out a little extra for an electric car, you might as well get the most for your money.

Estimated Range

When a manufacturer highlights the range of the car, they’re pretty much mentioning the maximum range possible under not so realistic conditions. Most, if not all, tests are conducted in a lab. Some manufacturers will then test the car on the highway and city roads, then provide an estimate based on those driving conditions. As with traditional petrol powered cars, electric cars’ range depends on a few things, namely the way you drive and what you’ve set your vehicle to. If you have a heavy foot, then there’s no way you will ever get close to the proposed range. If you like to drive your car in sport modes, then the same applies.

The only thing the given Estimated Range is good for is to compare to other cars. It’s like an even playing field. That should be your first step in seeing which car comes close to what you want. So, if you see a car that gives you 200 km/h range, and your daily route is quite long, or you are constantly on the road, then that my dear is not a car for you. Because sure enough, you’ll be averaging much less than that.

Electric Cars Ranked by Range That You Can Buy Now in the Middle East

As you will see from the list below, Tesla tops the range with the Tesla Model S Plaid+.

For more information on specs and prices, visit the EV Buyer Guide

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