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Renault 5 Prototype, takes us back in time

Renault 5

If you know me, you know that January was an extremely busy month for me. I started my new job (technically I started several months ago) heading the Middle East expansion of REDHILL Communications – auto companies looking for PR, drop me line! So why I am telling you this? Well (besides the plug), turns out the Renault 5 Prototype was revealed, and I completely missed it. The Renault 5 pays tribute to one of my favorite tiny hatches from my younger years – the ‘Reeno Sank’ (which is Lebanese for Renault 5).

Driving that car like you stole it was one of the best driving memories from my teenage years. Many, especially in the North of Lebanon where I am from, would ‘customize’ it the old fashioned way. They would rip out the exhaust system, and weld a straight pipe from engine to end, hand paint – yes, using a brush – racing stripes or the checkered flag on it which supposedly made it faster, as well as painting the rims. Come to think of it, I think 99.99999999% of Renault 5’s were the color yellow.

So, fast forward many years and we see this a similarly mischievous looking hatch, but this time all-electric. As soon as you see the prototype it is immediately recognizable (not to millennials or Gen Z). It just looks great. If the production version is anything similar to the prototype, it will definitely give the Honda e a run for it money.

One nifty tribute to the additional fog lamps on the old version, is the daytime running lights, rectangular in shape at the bottom and fit into a bumper in body color, as they did originally.

Finally, ultra-modern processes have taken over to reinvent the iconic look of the R5. Notably the LED matrix technology that allows the integration of movement by programming animations to bring the headlights to life. This is illustrated with the welcome sequence. The car’s new logo lights up and triggers an animation that extends into the front grille. Then the headlights come to life as if the car blinks. Impossible to miss this wink!

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