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Hyundai Shows Off IONIQ 5 Sliding Console

Hyundai IONIQ 5 side

The Hyundai IONIQ 5, one of the most anticipated EVs to launch this year is the Korean maker’s first battery electric vehicle to use their Electric-Global Modular Platform. Why is that important? Well, this platform allows for more interior space and customizable internal design, differentiating itself from other midsize crossovers. The car is eco-friendly in and out, as it uses sustainable materials and textiles.

‘Living Space’ inspired interior opens a new dimension of design

The IONIQ 5’s driver and passengers can freely enter and exit the cabin on either side when parked in a narrow spot, because the flat floor allows the center console to slide back and forth. Check out the video below, this is a first that I’ve seen. This resulted in a fundamental rethink of the conventional center console and to offer greater function than a static storage box. The newly developed ‘Universal Island’ replaces the center console and becomes the centerpiece of the IONIQ 5’s living space experience.

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 driver and front passenger seats are equipped with nifty leg rests, great to kick up and relax if you’re stuck out of the house recharging your car. All seats can be operated and repositioned, making it easier for adults in the front to care for children and pets seated in the rear.

Reducing negative environmental impact with high-quality, eco-friendly interiors

According to Hyundai, they had concerns from eco-conscious consumers about the materials used to make the car – they want lower environmental impact. If that is true or not, or even if it was the feedback of one person, kudos to Hyundai for taking the initiative to use sustainably sourced materials.

The seats are clad in an eco-processed leather that is dyed and treated with plant oil extractions from flaxseed. Other soft furnishings throughout the cabin consist of textiles derived from sustainable fibers such as sugar cane bio components, wool and poly yarns, as well as material woven from fibers made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Surfaces such as the dashboard, switches, steering wheel and door panels are coated in a polyurethane bio paint composed of oils from rape flowers and corn.

World Premiere of IONIQ 5

If you want to witness the global debut of the IONIQ 5, then jump online on February 23 to check it out.

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Hyundai Launches IONIQ 5 midsized CUV - Electric Vehicles Middle East February 23, 2021 at 8:01 pm

[…] pretty much hints at taking the name when autonomous driving becomes a norm. As we mentioned in our last story the IONIQ 5 comes with a moveable center console that can slide back as much as 14cm. The center […]


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