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Extreme-E Ship on its Way to Saudi Arabia

St. Helena ship

Yesterday, Extreme-E announced that the St. Helena which is carrying the cars and crew for the race is on its way to Saudi Arabia. By now, it should have set sail and is expected to reach the Kingdom’s shores between March 7 and 10. Saudi Arabia marks the inaugural race weekend expected to be held on April 3 and 4. When I asked the team if there were any concerns for delays due to the pandemic, they said they have “been working very closely with the Saudi government to ensure restrictions are adhered to.” So fingers crossed, no major outbreaks, the race will be on in the city of Al Ula.

The series will be launched by announcing its Legacy Program prior to heading to Al Ula for the race itself.

Extreme E Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag and the St. Helena team

The ex-Royal Mail Ship which acted as the lifeline to the island of St. Helena, has been under Extreme E’s stewardship for more than two years and during this time has undergone an extensive multi-million euro renovation process, including a comprehensive mechanical overhaul as well as a full refurbishment of the interior alongside a fresh livery and branding.

The race broadcast

The team at Extreme-E have been extremely busy, as they’ve signed up many broadcast partners that will show the race. “Extreme E now has more than 40 international broadcasters signed up to air its innovative racing and magazine show, and a Middle East broadcaster will be announced in the coming weeks,” said a company representative.

A nod to the partners

This week, the championship’s freight from teams and partners has been loaded onto the St. Helena. Items include its race fleet of electric vehicles (ODYSSEY 21) fitted with Continental tyres, Air Shelta tents which will form the team garages, the podium, the start gantry, TV and broadcast equipment, three machines from 3devo to turn plastic waste into the championship’s trophies, two custom BRIG Eagle 8 carbon black support boats, a hydrogen fuel cell for zero-emission car charging created in collaboration with AFC Energy, plus a variety of Bosch tools.

Joining them will be Extreme E’s Impact Correspondent Izabela Rekiel, who is also an International DJ, environmental activist, Climate Reality Leader and Project Zero Ambassador. Izy will document life on the St. Helena through regular posts on her social media channels – @izyofficial.

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