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Electra Reveals QUDS CAPITAL ES


As always, Electra has a card up its sleeve, or an Ace in the hole, this time it’s the Electra QUDS CAPITAL ES. This could be a big game changer for the EV sedan segment, as the company knows how to build a good car at extreme value. We saw that with the Electra RISE and CAPITAL. This new design is pretty much a luxurious version of the currently available CAPITAL. The QUDS CAPITAL ES revealed in the video below shows it keeps many of the signature Electra elements. You’ve got the vehicle trademark Golden QUDS Dome, paying homage to the Dome of the Rock in Quds, Palestine, as well as headlights that resemble previous designs, but seemed more refined.

This car could well be the next ‘want’ vehicle to come out of the Middle East as previously mentioned, we are sure it will be decently priced. We’ve noticed that founder Jihad Mohammed is really keeping his word when it comes to his drive to make great looking cars at affordable price. For the products that the company is developing, the cars are well priced below segment value. Also, the company is doing great at supporting the local Lebanese and Palestinian community, with so many jobs already created, and a headquarters + showroom under construction in Lebanon.

We’ll share more information as it comes through. We are hoping the company keeps sharing the updates with us!

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