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Tech packed Audi Q4 e-tron teased ahead of world debut

Q4 e-tron Static photo

Audi is steam rolling ahead, bashing news headlines with insane looking vehicles, like the most recent (prior to this) launch of the e-tron GT RS. Audi has pretty much given us a full glimpse of what the next EV model will be like. The Q4 e-tron, debuting in April, will surely grab the attention of folks looking for a sleek, classy, and tech packed SUV, just like the e-tron Sportback did with us when we drove in December 2020.

According to the company, the Audi Q4 e-tron will be a comfortable ride, and feature ample space. The doors open wide, and the seats are in a comfortably high position. The driver and up to four passengers enjoy a generously spacious interior, made possible in part by the fact that there is only a flat step instead of a center tunnel. The seat position in the second row is almost seven centimeters higher than the front, also offering plenty of headroom. When it comes to spaciousness, the compact electric SUV from Audi surpasses its direct competitors in the premium segment.

Continuing on space, the Audi Q4 e-tron comes with many of storage compartments, which add up to a volume of 24.8 liters including the glove compartment. The center console integrates two cup holders, a 4.4-liter stowage compartment with a cover, two (or four as an option) USB type-C sockets, and the Audi phone box for the mobile phone upon request. All four door trims feature holders for bottles holding up to one liter that are located far up in the front section of the armrest and are therefore very easy to reach. The luggage compartment of the Audi Q4 e-tron provides 520 liters of space for luggage.

Just as in all of its models, Audi is relying on a fully digital operating and display concept with a flat menu structure in the Q4 e-tron as well. It comprises four levels: the digital instrument cluster or Audi virtual cockpit for the driver, the central MMI touch display, the natural-language voice control, and the optional augmented reality head-up display – it is a new pioneering piece of technology.

Here’s the tasty part, the augmented reality heads up display.

You might want to consider this as an option if you do go for the Q4 e-tron. The technology reflects important information via the windshield on two separate levels, the status section and the augmented reality (AR) section. The information provided by some of the assist systems and the turning arrows of the navigation system as well as its starting points and destinations are visually superimposed in the corresponding place on the real-life outside world as content of the AR section and displayed dynamically. They appear to be floating at a physical distance of roughly ten meters to the driver. Depending on the situation, they appear considerably further ahead in some cases. The driver can understand the displays very quickly without being confused or distracted by them, and they are extremely helpful in poor visibility conditions.

The field of view for the AR content from the driver’s perspective corresponds to a diagonal of around 175 cm. Below it is a flat near-field area window, known as the status section. It displays the speed driven and the traffic signs as well as the assist system and navigation symbols as static displays that appear to be floating roughly three meters ahead of the driver.

There will be three-variants to the digital cockpit. The standard digital instrument cluster has a 10.25-inch diagonal and is operated via the multifunction steering wheel. The power meter, which is located next to the speedometer on the display, summarizes all important information on the drive, from the output and the state of charge of the battery in percent, and all the way to recuperation. The Audi virtual cockpit is the first option level. It integrates the navigation map and infotainment control and can be switched between two views. The Audi virtual cockpit plus is the top-of-the-line version. It offers the “classic,” “sport,” and “e-tron” layouts, where the power meter plays the main part. Many displays can be configured freely via the MMI here.

The MMI touch display with acoustic feedback has a 10.1-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1,540 x 720 pixels. It is configured as an MMI radio plus with DAB reception as standard, and is used to control the infotainment system as well as a number of comfort functions. In addition, it allows text input in handwriting. In the optional large version, the display comes with an 11.6-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1,764 x 824 pixels. It is the largest display in the Audi portfolio to date and will be available at the end of the year.

The front seats in the Q4 e-tron represent the state of the art in terms of safety technology. In the event of a side impact, what is known as the center airbag unfolds from the right-hand bolster of the driver’s seat in addition to the side airbags to ensure that the driver and front passenger do not collide with one another.

When it comes to interior colors, you can choose between black, steel gray, Santos brown, or pergament beige. The total of nine equipment packages also includes a stitching package. Five packages are available for the basic version, while the other four are available for the interior S line. They differ with regard to the door sill trims, the paint color of the accent surfaces, the material of the armrests, and the headlining. All optional equipment packages for the interior include white LED lighting, or, alternatively, the multicolor ambient lighting package plus. Some features are reserved exclusively for the interior S line: illuminated aluminum door sill trims, pedals with stainless steel supports, a black headlining, S embossing in the seat backrests, a steering wheel rim made of perforated leather with contrasting stitching, and S badges.

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