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First Shots of the Kia EV6 Revealed

Earlier today, Kia just revealed the first photos of its first all-electric car, the Kia EV6. The car, which will make its global debut in a week or so via a virtual event, falls under the brand’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy. I like the car because, I really liked the IONIQ 5 from Hyundai, and they pretty much resemble each other, and are based on the shared Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

“EV6, as the first dedicated Kia EV, is a showcase of human-centered, progressive design and electrified power. We strongly believe EV6 is a compelling and relevant model for the new EV market,” said Karim Habib, SVP and Head of Global Design Center. “With EV6 we aimed to create a distinctive, impactful design by using a combination of sophisticated, high-tech features on pure and rich volumes, while providing a unique space as a futuristic EV.”

Kia’s Opposites United

This will be Kia’s design philosophy for all new future vehicles, and it is based on five key pillars: ‘Bold for Nature’, ‘Joy for Reason’, ‘Power to Progress’, ‘Technology for Life’, and ‘Tension for Serenity’.

Exterior design

As it is an all-new model from Kia, you cannot tell that it is a Kia from first sight (if the emblem was covered). Everything about the car shows off how sleek and zippy it is. Kia describes the front characteristics as the ‘Digital Tiger Face’, a design progression evoking the spirit of Kia’s ‘Tiger Nose Grille’ for the electrified era.

The design of the lamps also includes a ‘sequential’ dynamic light pattern. Below this, a low air intake visually widens the front of the car, accentuating its high-tech image. Air flow is channeled through and under the car’s flat floor for optimum aerodynamics.

The side profile displays a crossover-inspired design aesthetic, which is modern, sleek and aerodynamic. A character line runs along the bottom of the doors curving upwards towards the rear wheel arches, visually elongating the profile of the car.

The EV6 utilized Kia’s global design network of three studios based in Korea, Germany, and the US.

Inside the EV6

Lots of space in the EV6 due to the E-GMP platform, and Kia took advantage with a classy looking design. Like I said, it does not resemble a Kia – kudos to their new design philosophy.

The inside looks simple, yet, looks like you’ll get your money’s worth. One of the most striking elements of the new interior is a seamless high-tech curved high-definition AV screen. Extending from the steering wheel across to the center of the car, it displays an instrument cluster in front of the driver, and infotainment and navigation above the center console. The width of the screen creates an immersive experience for the driver, while a minimal number of physical buttons offer an uncluttered and soothing driving experience.

Underneath the AVN screen, passengers control HVAC settings by using haptic ‘buttons’. Below that, the dashboard slopes away towards the front of the car, creating a sense of space and openness for the front-seat passengers.

The seats are slim, lightweight, and contemporary and are made of recycled plastics.

The exact specs of the Kia EV6 are not yet mentioned, we can expect it to be similar to the IONIQ 5:

  • Long-range of around 500 km
  • Super-fast charging capability – adding 100km in 4 minutes
  • 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds

This has to be the nicest looking Kia in the history. I am definitely looking forward to the reveal event.

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