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Eva Ribelle

For those that have visited the Electric Vehicles Buyer Guide, you’ll see that we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled all the currently available cars you can possibly by or order in the Middle East. Today, we’ve updated the Buyer Guide to include Electric Bikes. Though with extensive research and reaching out to sellers and manufacturers, we’ve identified 10 bikes that you can jump on for some super thrills or fun rides.

The Electric Bikes currently available is what we found now, and we are continuing the search for more. They are predominantly available in the United Arab Emirates. Other markets like Lebanon and Jordan have, but we couldn’t get the right info to publish them on our guide. Once that info comes through, we’ll let you know.

For now, enjoy what One Moto, HORWIN, and Italian brand Energica have to offer featured in our Electric Bikes Buyer Guide. We are still eagerly awaiting the Harley Davidson LiveWire which is not yet available in the UAE.

More to come soon, as we are gearing up the Hybrid Cars list which should be up next month – it’s a lot of work folks.

If there are any manufacturers or sellers that want to list on the guide, please email me with your info here.

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