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Porsche Macan latest Addition to All-Electric Lineup

Macan leaving Porsche premises

The Porsche Macan, not a vehicle that one usually looks forward to from the German auto maker, but the all-electric version sure has us intrigued. The all-electric Porsche Macan has done its initial testing on the proving grounds, and now hitting the public space for its road tests. The camouflaged compact SUV prototypes are leaving the Porsche premises for the first time to get some real-life testing done.

The original testing was done via digital prototypes – computational models that replicate the properties, systems and power units of a vehicle to a high degree of accuracy. There are 20 digital prototypes for the purpose of simulation in a number of development categories, such as aerodynamics, energy management, operation, and acoustics.

Engineers took that data and pumped in to make the physical prototypes. All the learnings from the real life road tests will then be pushed back into the digital development for refined tuning. This is a really efficient way to test as it saves time and money. The data collected can also be used on future models too, since EVs are usually based on the same or similar platform from the same manufacturer.

The demanding test programme for the all-electric Macan, carried out under the extremes of climatic and topographical conditions, includes disciplines such as the charging and conditioning of the high-voltage battery, which has to meet rigorous standards.

The market launch of the all-electric Macan, the first Porsche to be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), is planned for 2023. Porsche is positioning itself flexibly for the transition to pure electromobility.

Since the demand for EVs varies across the world, Porsche will still produce a petrol powered Macan which will be introduced later this year. So don’t get all excited when you hear of the  launch of the new Macan taking place this year, that will not be the all-electric!

Will we ever see an all-electric 911??? That most likely will not happen anytime soon.

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