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One Moto Partners with The Noodle House for Electric Fleet

electric bike branded with The Noodle House

Homegrown brand One Moto has achieved a significant milestone in their mission to change over delivery bike from traditional petrol engines to electric. One Moto has partnered with The Noodle House for their electric fleet initiative which will reduce carbon emissions by 1,104 ppm per annum with each bike alone. In layman terms, that is equivalent to planting 82 trees per year for 10 years! They also do benefit by saving around AED 15K per year with each bike due to petrol and maintenance costs reduction. Mabrouk!

The Noodle House, Dubai’s homegrown Asian soul food concept operated by Sarood Hospitality, has expanded its sustainable practice commitment by rolling out an electric bike delivery fleet.

“We are the first generation to be affected by climate change, and the last to be able to do something about it. With a single charge lasting 150km, the switch to electric bikes will substantially reduce the amount of CO2 produced by our delivery fleet and represents long-term cost and efficiency savings for the business – we are choosing to invest now and save later. Corporate social responsibility is more than a buzzword at Sarood Hospitality, it is a way of life across our operations,” said Steven Holloway, Brand and Operations Manager at Sarood Hospitality.

A recent survey of 1,206 UAE residents conducted by One Moto found that 99.3 per cent of the population would prefer to order from a sustainability focused business over one that does not prioritize sustainable practices.

“Environmentally, morally, socially, even in terms of health, there is a compelling market need for electric bikes. Research shows that 16,560 tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated through 15,000 delivery motorcycles, which is a huge concern in terms of environmental impact,” said Adam Ridgway, CEO, One Moto. “In this era of convenient food delivery services, it is imperative that restaurant brands take responsibility for their impact on our environment. Once again, The Noodle House and Sarood Hospitality are setting the standard for others to follow.”

electric bike branded with The Noodle House

In addition to the environmental benefits provided by One Moto, The Noodle House will not bear fuel, maintenance, or servicing costs for its all-electric fleet. Individual e-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 85 kilometres per hour, ensuring that lawful speed limits are maintained.

In addition to successfully undergoing safety and training on the new e-bikes, The Noodle House’s delivery drivers, the Noodlers, are equipped with state-of-the-art personal protective equipment (PPE) which is CE-certified and meet European safety standards. The team has also worked with manufacturers to ensure the delivery box is designed as part of the electric bike’s chassis, increasing balance and safety for drivers.

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