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Cadillac LYRIQ in the Middle East in 2023

Today, we joined the General Motors and Cadillac team in the Middle East for an event where they laid out their plans for EVs in the region. We are happy to say that the luxury automaker’s first ever all-electric vehicle, the Cadillac LYRIQ, will hit our shores mid-2023. We are a bit miffed about that since the Cadillac LYRIQ will be available a whole year in the US before coming over here as US pre-orders start this year in September. However, in fairness, the Middle East region will be the first outside North America and China to commit to getting the vehicle to market. By 2030, Cadi will be transitioning to purely electric vehicles.

While we patiently wait for the Cadillac LYRIQ to make its long journey here, the company will still focus on traditional Cadillacs here, as the Middle East is the biggest market outside the US and China.

Kristian Aquilina, Managing Director, Cadillac International Operations and Middle East said: “Cadillac has a long and rich legacy of engineering cutting-edge technology and unbeatable performance, packaged in world-class luxury vehicles that beat customer expectations with every launch.

“The next decade will see Cadillac redefining the future of luxury transportation in the region through a series of exciting new EVs, building on our incredible history of 119 years’ of engineering craftsmanship. Headlining our all-electric future is the Cadillac LYRIQ, an EV that sets a new standard for Cadillac. With stunning design and artfully integrated technology combined with GM’s Ultium Platform, LYRIQ will deliver a high-performance luxury experience unlike anything that has come before it. We can’t wait to see it on our roads.”

General Motors are going big with EVs, as they have the GMC HUMMER Supertruck and SUV coming this year and next, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, and now this amazing piece of luxury on wheels.

Cadillac will lead General Motors transition into an all-electric future, with the bold commitment of being in a position to exit the decade with a fully electric vehicle portfolio. LYRIQ marks the first of these world-leading vehicles that will establish Cadillac as a leader not just in luxury but also in the EV space.

“The Cadillac LYRIQ is in a class of its own, setting a new benchmark in both the luxury and EV space with this one-of-a-kind vehicle. We anticipate that LYRIQ will resonate with customers in the Middle East, given their appreciation of stunning design and unrivaled performance,” said Jamie Brewer, Cadillac LYRIQ Chief Engineer. “The Ultium Battery architecture has undergone extensive testing in extreme heat and on off-road trails, and performs exceptionally, ensuring LYRIQ will be an outstanding addition to Cadillac Middle East’s portfolio.”

When the LYRIQ hits the roads, first in the US, it will be powered by a 12-module 100 kWh battery pack, a rear-wheel-drive Ultium Platform that will deliver a 340 HP and 440 Nm of torque and enough juice to take you more than 500 km on a full charge. Charging time is quite reasonable, as you’ll get around 83 km of range per hour of charge when plugged in at home. Where available, you can plug in the LYRIQ into 190 kW fast charging stations to juice up 122 km range in a mere 10 minutes.

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