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Horwin CR6



The HORWIN CR6 isn’t your average moped or scooter. The CR6 comes in four colors (blue, white, black, and green) whereas the Pro is only available in black. The bike comes with new LED tech which allows for a bright ride at night without burning through your battery. The big display of the HORWIN CR6 shows you all information which you need during your journey: topical speed, remaining reach, driving mode, temperature, and a lot more. In the classical Retro design combined with the most modern technology.

The HORWIN CR6 uses the most modern lithium-ion batteries available. The 55 Ah battery pack is charged in approx. 3 hours from 0–80% and offers a range of up to 120 kilometers.

You can charge up 20 – 30 km of range in around 20 minutes, and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the batteries.

The HORWIN electric motor combined with the mechanical 5-speed manual transmission gives you an acceleration from 0–60 in only 6 seconds. and a top speed of 105 km/h.

A Scrambler version is also available.

Pricing and Availability

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Horwin CR6
Horwin CR6
Horwin CR6
Horwin CR6

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