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2020 Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar I-PACE - main feature


When you see the 2020 Jaguar I-PACE, you know it is a Jag. The striking all-electric SUV hits the mark on design and the front looks to blend with its family line-up of petrol vehicles. You see, if you are new to EVs, the front of the vehicle usually gives it away as an EV – no vents, solid / one-piece front bumper, etc. The Jaguar I-PACE does not look a like a typical EV. Great looks come at a great price. The Jaguar I-PACE starts at approximately $101,500 (JOD 72,000) in Jordan, which makes it inline with Tesla’s Model X pricing – but to us, not as enticing as the X.

A good driving range of 470km (estimated), coupled with rapid charging capability giving you 270km in one hour, makes driving and charging a breeze. It comes with eight year / 160,000 km warranty.

If you have the cash, then this is a great choice being that there are not a lot of competitors in the market.


Motor and Performance

Jaguar I-PACE - performance

Two lightweight electric motors push 394 HP and 512 lb-ft of torque to the all-wheel drive system. It makes it a performance SUV, as it can hit 100km/h from zero in 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 200km/h. The vehicle has a low center of gravity as the twin motors are positioned lower in the car, and the battery fitted below the floor – enhancing I-PACE’s control, handling, and agility.

For peace of mind, especially in the GCC, I-PACE constantly maintains the ideal temperature for its battery using state-of-the-art thermal management systems.

Battery and Charging

Jaguar I-PACE

No matter what trim you choose, a 90kWh battery pack comes standard on each vehicle. Jaguar says that a driving rand of 470 km on a full charge (the Model X has a range of 485 – 500 km). We haven’t driven the SUV yet, so we will for now take their word. Plugging in the I-PACE into your home socket will take over 8.5 hours for it to fully charge. Fear not, courtesy of a DC fast charging port, you can juice up 270 km in one-hour. It’s worth to note that the car accepts up to a 100kW DC charge rate, so you could probably add around 100 km of range in the same time it takes to sip a cup of karak tea.

We really don’t see any issue with you running out of juice. When parked at home, you can plug it in overnight to have a full pack in the morning. The long-range will surely help you get around town, and with many countries increasing charging stations in the network, you’ll easily be able to fuel-up in cases of emergency.

Interior and Space

Jaguar I-PACE - interior
Jaguar I-PACE - interior
Jaguar I-PACE - interior

Remember this is a luxury eSUV so that means the interior fits the label. The vehicle certainly has the looks inside. The dashboard and console are neat, sophisticated, and modern. Everything is conveniently located giving command control for the driver. Remember, it is a Jag, it is beautiful.

According to the dealer websites, there are many ways to customize the vehicle, so keep that in mind, of course the price will definitely increase based on your


Standard across all trims in the Jaguar I-PACE is the touch-sensitive infotainment system Pivi Pro with 10-inch screen (an additional 5.5-inch screen is optional). Multi-function dynamic dials also give you direct access to cabin temperature controls. Jaguar audio partner Meridian’s technologies have helped ensure that I-PACE is a superb sPACE in which to experience sound.

At the driver’s command is the high-definition Interactive Driver Display which gives you all the driving information you need, entertainment and active safety data including navigation, phone and media. The resolution seems high making sure you get a crisp look at the digital graphic controls.

Every I-PACE supports Apple CarPlay/Android Auto – availability is up to the government of your country and not the manufacturer. If you opt for it, you can get a heads-up display which gives you crucial information like your speed or navigation direction on your windscreen.

Safety features that give you confidence while driving include Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Roll Back Protection, Roll Stability Control (RSC), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

2020 Jaguar I-PACE Availability

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Jaguar I-PACE - gallery
Jaguar I-PACE - gallery
Jaguar I-PACE - gallery

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