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2020 MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV - main feature


MG added the MG ZS EV to their line-up of vehicles for sale in the Middle East at a price that is extremely attractive. So much so, it is the cheapest electric vehicle, by far, in the market. What’s more is that it isn’t a hatch, like the Chevrolet Bolt or Nissan Leaf, it is an all-electric cross-over.

The 2020 MG ZS EV is being promoted as the family-friendly electric car. It’s designed for those who want all the advantages of a zero-emissions vehicle without compromising on practicality or style – and especially not damaging your pocket in the process.

As it is based on the petrol burning ZS, it doesn’t look or seem to be electric, as at first glance it looks like a normal car.

There are two grades currently available, the COM and LUX versions with each providing a good mix of specifications you require and need in an EV.


Motor and Performance

MG ZS EV - gallery

As it is based on the aforementioned ZS, the MG ZS EV didn’t come with enough room for the battery pack, so you get a max 44.5kWh battery. That will not get you cross country, as it can only give you a maximum of 335 km. The only benefit of that small battery is making the vehicle greatly priced. The motor pushes out around 140 HP, which is enough to get you from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds. Just think price, no matter what you get, it is still good value.


With a hint of style, you’ll shift in to driving modes via the rotary gear selector in the center console.

Battery and Charging

MG ZS EV - charging

The new MG ZS EV is capable of travelling for 335km on a single battery charge. Equipped with fast charging, it can allow up to 80 per cent battery re-charge in just 40 minutes. Power is delivered by a single electric motor that drives the front wheels and delivers 148bhp and 350Nm of torque. Not the fastest car out there, it accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds.

In the countries where it is available, infrastructure is well developed and ready to support the demand for new electric vehicles. The MG ZS EV also comes with a home charging kit compatible with any power outlet.

Interior and Space

MG ZS EV - interior
MG ZS EV - interior
MG ZS EV - interior

It is not bad for roominess. The MG ZS EV is good to sit 4 adults comfortably. As it is geared towards the families, you’ll fit the kids quite well. The trunk is big, bigger than all the electric hatches that are more expensive. It isn’t meant to be a premium look and feel inside, nor modern. MG Motors know what they’ve produced here – a practical all-electric crossover for the masses.


Providing peace-of-mind in terms of safety, the five-star Euro NCAP-rated model is equipped as standard with ABS, EBD, EBA, hill assistance, auto hold, a tire pressure monitoring system and six airbags. The range-topping LUX model adds further neat touches such as a rear camera with dynamic guidance lines, panoramic sunroof, electrically-adjustable driver’s seat, Warning system and 17” two-tone alloy wheels.

2020 MG ZS EV

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Nissan Leaf - interior
MG ZS EV - gallery
MG ZS EV - gallery

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