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2020 Tesla Model 3

Model 3 - Main Feature


As everyone knows, Tesla has been making waves with their cars across the world. With amazing cars already available and soon to launch vehicles like the Model Y and Roadster. Well, to add to their amazing line-up is the Tesla Model 3. This is one of the best priced, spec’d, looking electric cars for people wishing to convert to EVs and save the world. It’s a good looking four-door sedan which is approximately the same size as a Mercedes C-Class. As with the other models, it has a nice, sleek, and minimalist interior. This is also the only model that comes available here in three-trims (or power options). However, it is for now only available in the UAE. You also get way better range than any other vehicle within its price range.

The Model 3 has been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and received a perfect five-star score.


Motor and Performance

2 Model 3 - performance

The Model 3 does not disappoint, you’re practically getting the Model S performance at almost half the cost! The Model 3 Performance trim can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 s. That’s nuts. Like its sister model, its battery is under the floor, that means you can swerve crisply and take sharp corners smoothly.

Tesla All-Wheel Drive has two independent motors for improved redundancy, each with only one moving part for minimal maintenance and maximum durability. Unlike traditional all-wheel drive systems, they digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels for far better handling and traction control.

Battery and Charging

Model 3 Charging

With distributed weight and low center of gravity, the battery pack can give a fantastic range between 409km and 560 km depending on the package you purchase. Your range increases as you go from Standard Range Plus to Long Range. Super charging at applicable stations will give full capacity in an hour. With the range you can achieve, you can take this car cross country where it is currently available in the Middle East.

Interior and Space

Model 3 - interior
Model 3 - interior
Model 3 - interior

If you though the interior was ‘basic’ in the other models, then think again. The Model 3 is so minimalistic that all eyes are focused on the center console – that’s pretty much it for interior features, that massive screen in the middle. It fits four adults comfortably, adding that fifth person will make a long ride miserable for all. The rear cargo can be fully extended towards the back as the back seats fold flat, giving a smooth floor from the trunk.

Due it being an EV with no engine noise, you’ll hear quite a bit of cabin noise in the Model 3.


Smack in the middle is a large infotainment screen that looks like a hanging 17-inch tablet. The car can be updated over the air to welcome new functions, features, and performance. We mentioned that autonomous driving is not available in the Middle East yet, but you can purchase the feature at discounted rate and be ready for when it does launched. But, with the turnover of cars by customers in the region, you might end up selling the car before we get autopilot functionality in our region.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Availability

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Model 3 front
Model 3 side
Model 3 Rear

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