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2020 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S - main feature


Hail the King of the electric cars on the road. Though the exterior design is almost outdated, the Tesla Model S remains, in our opinion, the best car most available in the region. The Model S hit the world by storm, providing sheer driving pleasure and insane speed performance, constantly increasing through system updates. There are two trims available in the Middle East and both can be further customized. You can either go for distance or speed.

The Tesla Model S is refined, spacious, looks serious, and amazingly fast. Everything you need in an electric car. You pretty much get the same features as the US versions minus the autonomous driving – our region is not ready for that quite yet.


Motor and Performance

Tesla Model S - Performance

The Model S is powered by dual-motors, with each dedicated to the front and rear axles separately – offering all-wheel drive across all trim packages. There are various modes available in the US, like Ludicrous and Cheetah modes, however, in the region we are limited to just the two: Long Range, and Performance. From those that we know that own, they are in love with it and would not exchange it for any other cars on the road. Speed wise, they even prefer it over conventional super cars like the Nissan GT-R.

Battery and Charging

Tesla Model S - charging

With distributed weight and low center of gravity, the battery pack can give a fantastic range between 590 and 610 km, depending on the package you purchase. Super charging at applicable stations will give full capacity in an hour. With the range you can achieve, you can take this car cross country where it is currently available in the Middle East.

Interior and Space

Tesla Model S - Interior
Tesla Model S - Interior
Tesla Model S - Interior

Now don’t be surprised when you open the door and don’t see and 24K gold, due to the high price you are paying. The interior is spacious, sleek, modern looking and straight to the point. Basically, the interior is no non-sense, minimalist, and purposeful. Space is crazy in the vehicle; it can easily hold a few suitcases, and even a bike in the trunk. There is also cargo space in the front (under the hood). Usually where space is reserved for the engine, the Model S interior is more forward, adding more space to the front. The car comes with a glass roof, giving you more light and brighter ride.


Smack in the middle is a large infotainment screen that looks like a hanging 17-inch tablet. The car can be updated over the air to welcome new functions, features, and performance. We mentioned that autonomous driving is not available in the Middle East yet, but you can purchase the feature at discounted rate and be ready for when it does launched. But, with the turnover of cars by customers in the region, you might end up selling the car before we get autopilot functionality in our region. Unlike the Model 3 which is landscape, the screen in the Model S is vertical.

2020 Tesla Model S Availability

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Tesla Model S - gallery (2)
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